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10 Bad Hip-Hop Songs Performed by Great Rappers

by Elsa Stringer

Having a title of a great rapper isn’t so easy. You constantly have to create songs that are enjoyable to everyone. However, nobody’s perfect. Here is a list of 10 bad songs performed by great hip-hop artists.

1. “305 to My City” by Drake

This track from Drake’s Nothing Was the Same album is torturous. It should have been left unheard.

2. “Accidental Racist” by LL Cool J

LL Cool J is an icon, but this collaboration with Brad Paisley didn’t go so well.

3. “Big Weenie” by Eminem

Eminem proved to be mortal with his fourth studio album called Encore.

4. “Disgusting” by J. Cole

J. Cole really let his fans down with one of the most embarrassing compositions of his career.

5. “Gatman & Robin” by 50 Cent

This collaboration with Eminem was a big fail.

6. “Jockin’ Jay-Z” by Jay-Z

The self-proclaimed “Michael Jordan of rap” didn’t deliver a hot track this time.

7. “Massive Attack” by Nicki Minaj

The new queen of rap didn’t do so well with this track from her debut album.

8. “The Makings of a Perfect Bitch” by Nas

Nas dropped a few songs that let his fans down for sure.

9. “Wanna Know” by Meek Mill

This was supposed to be a response to Drake’s pair of diss records about him. However, it mostly gained negative attention.

10. “XTCY” by Kanye West

Kanye’s eighth studio album wasn’t as good as his previous ones.