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Women’s Shoe Trends That Will Define 2024

by Tracy Finke

Over the past year, the purchase of women’s shoes, bags, and other similar accessories made of leather and similar materials has faded into the background, and in return, we have developed some new shopping habits. Spring-Summer 2024 trends dictate new fashion. Instead of pampering ourselves with a new pair of high heels to wear with an elegant evening gown, we sourced homeware, knitwear, and candles in unprecedented quantities.

The pandemic is over, and it’s time to turn our attention to the shelves of shoe stores and the current trends in demi-season shoes and clothing. Fashion this season is not so categorical: shine and bright summer colors rule the ball here, shoes with both high and comfortable square heels or a high platform, a variety of materials, but the trend is leather of different shades and textures – from natural and white to dark and lacquered. We accept it as a fact – our everyday clothes in 2024 will require something other than slippers (don’t worry, they are not completely outdated). “Home” style of clothing and footwear fades into the background, giving way to wider and more varied models, where freedom of shapes and textures, original style, the brightness of images, and design are combined.

img source: pexels.com

Continuing the trend from last season, chunky-soled boots continue to dominate. Free flight of imagination and variability of models are allowed here. Whether you opt for high boots or lace-ups, they all look amazing with baggy jeans and are a practical choice for walking. Separately, the practicality of such models should be noted – they can be safely worn in any weather, without fear of walking through puddles. On shoeme.com.au you can choose such a pair of massive boots at the peak of relevance combined with a romantic dress.

Hessian boots can be safely called classics of shoe fashion – timeless. The thigh-high and over-the-knee boots, which have been leading for several seasons, are once again a popular fall shoe trend among fashionistas, which is great news for everyone as they are much easier to style. Whether paired with a shirt dress for the evening or simply paired with knitted sweaters and casual jeans for the weekend, paired with modest knee-length trousers, the over-the-knee boots are a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe and can instantly enhance any look. The very case when – for all occasions.

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This season it will be possible to remember again the 2000s – how we once loved these “sharp-nosed” models. Shoes with a square toe in the new season will compete with pointed-toe shoes made of natural and artificial leather, as well as patent leather. Pointed-toe shoes have dominated most of the latest shows and are definitely gearing up to be the it-shoes of 2024. This model is from the “new, well forgotten” trend series. Pointed shoes add femininity to the legs and visually slim them. A special match of the narrow cape occurs with pleated coats and skirts, as well as culottes.

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If you decide to invest in just one trendy shoe in 2024, be sure to focus on menswear-style shoes. Brutal, stylish, and elegant – this is how you can summarize the basic principles of this style. The spring/summer update to the boot trend is the chunky loafers. Another trend in men’s catwalk style is perfect for when you need a break from shoes. Expect to see them again next year with or without heels. For shoes in the male “format” suits are suitable to emphasize their strength and independence, at the same time, light feminine dresses will add coquetry to the image. Here, a variety of clothing options are permissible within the framework of the chosen image.

In the upcoming summer season, we do not deny ourselves the pleasure of pampering ourselves with the purchase of one more flat sandal in our wardrobe – the summer is predicted to be hot. We advise you to do this in the spring: the hot trends of summer shoes of 2024 will be available in your size, and so the summer will come faster! As many summers dress fluttering in the wind as possible, sunglasses and a lightweight, weightless pair of shoes that are completely imperceptible on your feet – the perfect summer, even if you again fail to travel to the south of France.

Ballerinas are one of those classic pairs of shoes that never go out of date. Models and various options in color – the sea, the choice is huge, and all the preferences of fashionistas in these models are taken into account. Therefore, ballet flats are so loved by many. However, over the past five years, Audrey Hepburn-approved footwear has receded into the background compared to other comfortable wearables: loafers, Chelsea boots, flip flops, minimalist and chunky sneakers. We would like to please you that the “ballet party” is officially in vogue again. Style Tip: If you’re opting for a basic pair of black or white ballerinas, consider complementing the rest of your look with a statement dress or a light, graceful skirt. This combination would be a great option for a hot summer evening.

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Perhaps the main shoe trend of this season is practical and comfortable slippers (slippers or home slippers that are more familiar to everyone). Not surprisingly, it was home outfits that inspired designers in the new season – the shows were in the midst of lockdown, and brands also felt the importance of comfortable and practical accessories. Therefore, in the coming season, we boldly wear stylish and practical suits together with puffy slippers or combine feminine dresses with soft and fluffy slippers.

img source: cliqueinc.com

Flip-flops (or more familiar flip flops) have been in trend for several years now, and it seems that this season we made friends with them as much as possible and easily wear not only with practical jeans and T-shirts but also with more “ceremonial” options – feminine floral dresses and business suits. The most relevant are still minimalist models in a neutral palette, as was fashionable in the 90s – in silver-gray, caramel, wine, and black.