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Why You Should Spend Your Vacation In Oman

by Edvard Berlusconi

The Sultanate of Oman is a wonderful place that you should cross from your bucket list when it comes to traveling. If you are interested in visiting places that have a rich history and many traditions, Oman is the right place for you.

Many times when someone announces that they’re going on a vacation, nobody expects them to mention Oman as a part of their destinations. This makes us quite sad and we feel like a lot of people should hear about the beauty of this country. Luckily, we wrote this article containing everything that you should know about the Oman Sultanate, so if you are eager to learn more, feel free to continue reading until the end.

Where is Oman located?


Oman is located in Asia, and it is a coastal plain at the southeast tip of the Arabian Peninsula which goes out on the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. Oman’s neighbors are the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and famous Yemen. That’s about it in terms of geography, so let’s take a look at some of the best reasons for visiting this place.

Omani people are probably the kindest ones on Earth


There is not a person that went in Oman and wasn’t impressed by the character of the Omani residents. According to many visitors, they’re the kindest people that they’ve ever met, which is always a huge plus when you’re planning to visit a certain country. They are generous, friendly and always helpful.

Oman has an amazing and rich culture



When it comes to culture, The Omani culture is probably the richest one out of all cultures in the Arab region. Not just for their ancient history and grand civilizations, but for some of the most intriguing traditions that you’ll ever see. Yes, their old traditions are still protected and held up to this day.

Be vary that you’ll need a Visa

You need a Visa to visit Oman, but the procedure is relatively easy and can also be done online. Feel free to visit oman-evisa.comto learn more.

Oman has untouched natural beauty


If you are a fan of nature, and we don’t know of anyone that isn’t, Oman will leave you completely speechless. It has amazing lakes, ponds, landscapes and mountains that are completely untouched by humans, so you are free to relax in a clean and breathtaking environment, forgetting about all your problems and worries. A place that truly cleanses your soul.

One of the cleanest and safest countries in the world


Since Omani people are so generous, kind and caring, they always try to keep good care of their environment, and the streets of Oman are reflecting this quite well. On the streets, you will not find any litter and garbage, and they are always clean and well-lit.

Oman is a safe country to be in as well, so even if you’re going alone or with a family, there is nothing to worry about. The crime rate in this place is almost non-existent and you’ll quickly understand why upon meeting a few Omani people. They’re just way too friendly to even get in an argument.