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Why You Should Rent a Villa over a Hotel Room

by William Gist

A few months from now and we’ll all be on a beach somewhere enjoying our summer vacations. And while most of you might choose a hotel room as the place where you’ll spend your nights, you might be surprised at the fact that renting a villa could be better for you.

While there are tons of excellent hotels around the world that offer even better services and amenities, there are a few reasons that might sway you to choose the other option, a villa.


Lots of Privacy

Probably the best benefit that comes from renting a villa is the fact that there will be no noisy hotel guests. Renting a villa allows you and your family to enjoy each other’s company in privacy and solitude. There’s no early morning fussing and the pool is always free for you to enjoy. In a villa, you can enjoy the quietness and peacefulness of your friends and family and you can get that much-needed rest. Renting a villa is the perfect romantic getaway for couples who want to spend their holiday in their own company. It offers comfort, solitude, and peace of mind, where ever that might be.


Lots of Space

Renting a villa might be an expensive option for you and your lover, however, according to villsy.com, it is a surprisingly inexpensive option if you rent it along with friends and family. Villas are excellent because they are more spacious than hotels. While hotels have a lot of socializing areas, the same can be said about villas. With lots of garden space, socializing areas, beautiful outdoor terraces, and even a pool area, the prospect of renting a villa is more suiting for you and your friends rather than renting a hotel room for everyone.


Lots of Facilities

Villas are owned by individuals or even families and that’s the reason why they come with a lot of facilities and amenities that will help you make the most of your holiday. Villas will usually have satellite TV and internet access, and that’s two boxes ticked. Add to the fact that they come with some absolute necessities such as laundry facilities and fully equipped kitchens. Villas are also excellent if you wish to have fun, with most of them having big pools and pool areas, areas for children, and even game rooms. Villas also have their own parking space, garage, and multiple bathrooms to suit everyone’s needs.


Lots of Freedom

Another excellent benefit of renting villas is the fact that you can do whatever you want. The restrictions of hotels do not apply to this type of accommodations because they are privately owned. You can stay as long as you want, drink as long as you want, party as long as you want, as long as everyone with you agrees on it. The restrictions of villas apply are different than those of hotels. When staying in a hotel there are other guests with you that are complete strangers, as oppose of renting a cool looking villa with your family and friends. Another freedom benefit is that you are not restricted to waking up at a certain hour in order not to miss the morning breakfast, lunch, and dinner.