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Why You Should Fall In Love With Green Tea? 5 Reasons

by William Gist

I’m proud to say that I’m a tea addict. I drink all day, every day, and between meals. Maybe cause I like it, or maybe cause it’s the only thing I can drink while intermittent fasting. But regardless, here are five scientific reasons why you should drink green tea more often.

Keeps your teeth strong

According to a Japanese study, men who drank green tea regularly had stronger teeth and healthier gums than their peers.  Not just that, they also had fewer pockets and had lost fewer teeth as they aged.


Hair health

Studies found that, when fermented with Aspergillus, green tea extracts promoted hair growth in alopecia patients.  Studies also found that green tea oil reduces lice in adults.

Weight loss

According to Healthline and some studies’ research,  adding green tea to polyethylene glycol regulated more glucose for 2 diabetics regulate glucose and burn fat by 12 percent. They also found that Epigallocatechin-3-gallate in green tea slowed obesity in obese mice by 45 percent despite following a high-fat diet.


Anti-wrinkle, and anti-aging effects.

Green tea has many anti-aging benefits, especially for old people. According to studies, it protects them against cognitive decline as well as wrinkles.

Green tea’s antioxidants also protect against skin cancer by limiting the amount of Ultra Violet rays absorbed by the skin.


Protects the eye

Glaucoma is a situation where the eye fluids pressure and damage the optic nerve to cause partial or total blindness.  Luckily, green tea’s Catechin reduces glaucoma by reducing the harmful oxidative stress in the eye.