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Tips When Shopping for Matcha to Help You Determine the Quality

by Susan Seymour

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. There are some countries where it is even more popular than coffee. You should know that it can be very healthy if you make it a habit to have a cup of this tea every day. It is a strong antioxidant and can help you reduce weight, deal with inflammation, improve the cardiovascular system, and more.

However, the fact that the market for this product is huge these days can be an issue since you can never be sure whether the matcha is good or not, especially if you don’t have any experience. The best solution is to look for well-known stores that are selling organic matcha powder, such as the MatchaOutlet. Here are some tips that will help you determine the quality of this tea.

Check the Origin

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The production of green tea is quite common in Asia. However, you have to know that the quality is not the same in all regions of China, Japan, South Korea, and some other countries. The interesting fact about matcha green tea is that its origin is Japan, specifically the territory around Uji, which is a place near Kyoto. This place is well-known for high-quality soil and perfect conditions for the production of this tea.

While there are many other areas where it is produced, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality if you buy one that grows in this area. Even though you can buy a decent one from other places, and it will be good as long as it is organic, there is something special about Uji that leads to finest quality.

Check the Color

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There are different types of green tea besides matcha, like Sencha, Hojicha, Gyokuro, and more. A lot of these types have excellent taste, but the fact is that matcha is the healthiest option. Also, it can be more expensive due to special requirements and limited area. Therefore, you should learn more about its characteristics of it to be sure that you are buying the right thing.

The color of the matcha is bright green, and it is quite simple to distinguish it from other types. Therefore, if you notice gray shades and the appearance of other colors in the product, it probably isn’t the original. The appearance of brown or light green might mean that it was mixed with other types of green tea or additional ingredients, but it can also tell that it passed the expiration date.

Check the Texture

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The next detail that will make this tea different from other types is the texture. There is a special process where matcha is made by stone milling. That leads to a specific smooth characteristics and silky appearance. The benefit of such texture is that it will quickly dissolve in hot water. In that matter, the sign that you bought the wrong product is when there are bigger pieces and parts of the tea that cannot dissolve in the water.

Another important detail that you can check is the texture of the surface after you prepare the tea. The sign that you have a high-quality matcha is when there are bubbles and a creamy surface. The cup of tea should be with a lot of foam.

Unique Aroma

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The most important thing when buying this product is to avoid versions that are mixed with other ingredients. Commonly, tea is mixed with citruses, honey, ginger, and many other products. However, that should never be the same with matcha. It is well-known for its strong taste and rich aroma that will help you to easily distinguish it from other products. Keep this in mind if you are buying it for the first time.

The taste is bitter, which won’t be the best taste for each person. However, you can always add some additional ingredients on your own according to your preferences. Still, you will have the best of its benefits only if you drink it pure. The bitter taste is only when you taste it at first. After that, you will feel the sensation of sweetness that is unique for this tea.

Get the Right Package

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The point is to avoid packages that can provide light, air, and higher temperatures to the product. That can damage it and mess up its taste and durability. The best option is to have a metal can or a glass jar where you can store it.

Also, it must be in a dark place with lower humidity. Avoid keeping the can open for a longer time. The great thing when you are buying from a well-known producers is that you will get the best type of package that will help you keep the freshness for a longer time. When you store it properly, it can stay fresh for more than two years.

What About the Price?

The price can also be a very important detail. We all know that promotions and discounts always make people more interested. However, this product is not something where you want to choose a more affordable option. The reason for that is the risk that you will get a poor-quality tea. The average price of 100 grams of this product is between $500 and $750. You will need one to two grams for a portion.

Last Words

The original matcha from Japan represents a premium type of tea, which is the reason why it is more expensive when compared to most other options. The fact is that it has a much higher quality and better taste as well.

Therefore, if you find a much cheaper product where it says that it is a matcha, keep in mind that there is a chance that you are not buying the right product. The best option is to look for the tea that is grown in Uji in Japan that has a bright green color, and a strong taste. Also, avoid products with additional ingredients like aromas and sweeteners.