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How To Prevent Air And Soil Pollution

by William Gist

Since the Industrial Revolution, our Earth has been polluted like never before. Almost every place has been subjected to pollutants in one way or another. Some kinds of pollution are quite visible, like plastic waste washing up in beaches or illegal and wild dumpsites popping up in big cities, and other pollution comes in a form that is not visible, and perhaps, this is the most dangerous kind. It is in the air we breathe and in the soil, we plant in.


You might be wondering, what can I, as an individual do to help prevent pollution? Well, you are lucky. In this article, you will be able to read about the ways to prevent air and soil pollution. Let’s take a look:

How to prevent Air pollution

  1. Minimize air pollution from cars

The transportation we use is one of the biggest emitters of nitrogen oxides. The oxides of nitrogen are closely monitored pollutants and it has an adverse effect on overall life expectancy and healthy lung development. As someone who drives, you can help in reducing air pollution by following a few simple steps, when you are driving, do not idle your car, do not drive fast or speed up since it will produce more harmful emissions, make sure that you regularly check the air filters and change them if necessary, and if you are looking to buy a new car, opt for an all-electric or a hybrid car.


  1. Walk, ride a bike, and use public transport

If possible, opt for public transportation. Most cities have a good transportation system and by taking a bus to work, you will help reduce air pollution. Also, riding a bike or walking does not only help reduce air pollution, but it also helps with your overall health. You can take roads that are not crowded, so you will be reducing the stress you feel when you are stuck in traffic, and you will also improve your health in doing so.

  1. Recycle and buy recycled products

Just think about all the processes needed to be done in order to create new items. Each stage of the manufacturing is followed by emissions of pollutants, chemicals, heavy metals, and greenhouse gases. Recycled products have already been processed once, hence manufacturing the same items again is less-energy intensive and less polluting.

How to prevent Soil pollution

  1. Stop using herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers

Herbicides are harmful chemicals that are used to exterminate weeds, while pesticides are chemicals that kill unwanted pests and insects. On the other hand, fertilizers supply useful nutrients to plants, however, they can contain heavy metals that are damaging to animals and humans that eat the plants. Reducing the use of these substances and finding a healthy alternative will prevent soil pollution.


  1. Proper solid waste treatment

According to experts from gurupendidikan.co.id, waste should most definitely be disposed of properly in order to avoid air pollution. For example, alkaline and acidic waste should be neutralized before you dispose of them, hence they will not contaminate the Earth. Biodegradable waste should be broken down before it is disposed of, especially since it is a resource-saving method, and it is faster.

  1. Reuse and recycle

As mentioned before, you can help prevent soil pollution by buying glass and other containers that can be reused, instead of using paper and plastic on a daily basis. BY recycling, you will be able to help reduce the waste that goes to the landfills. Recycling also helps with conserving natural resources and it saves the land from being further contaminated.



As you can see, these are some steps that you can take in order to help reduce air and soil pollution, hence do not waste any more time and start implementing these tips in your daily life.