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Why Is Everyone Suddenly Obsessed With “Doxo” Payment App?

by Jajce d Muckic

“Doxo” is a simple and secure all-in-one bill-paying app that helps users by managing payment records through a single login. This way, it’s eliminating the need to visit different websites to make payments. As the first crowd-sourced bill pay solution, it’s already changed the way people manage their bills. By using doxo, users are no longer bound by a biller’s outdated systems.

Personal bills constitute more than 50 percent of current U.S. household spending — and handling and paying these bills can be a time-consuming, frustrating job. The normal family currently pays more than 10 bills every month, all while managing multiple distinct online accounts, billers that won’t accept credit card payments, and poorly designed web sites that don’t support mobile phones. As the heap of bills develops higher, most Americans find themselves taxed on their pockets and in their time.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then doxo is here to assist.

What makes doxo the largest bill pay directory in the nation? What makes it different from other apps?

Easy and flexible bill payment

Doxo is a bill payment hub, letting you manage payments to a wide variety of service providers, including household utilities.
doxo allows users to receive and pay bills with one account and one password from a single app that means you no longer have to set up separate usernames and access credentials to manage payment accounts across multiple websites.

Billers on the network get paid directly, whether it’s by credit, debit card, Apple Pay, or by direct transfer from their checking accounts. Consumers have comprehensive bill pay independence over when and how they pay their bills and with doxo reminder systems, you’ll never have to worry about missing a payment again. Doxo services are fast, free to use, and available on any device. Ultimately, by using doxo, users are no longer bound by a biller’s outdated systems.

doxo is not just a bill paying app

Doxo is a bill payment center and also a digital filing cabinet for all your essential household paperwork. It’s a perfect online app for anyone trying to go paperless because it automatically imports and saves bank statements, credit card statements, and other paperwork from connected accounts.

Each doxo accounts includes unlimited storage for all your files and documents and there are no limitations!
Doxo is hoping to remove the hurdles most frequently cited by customers regarding going paperless. According to Doxo CEO Steve Shivers, this translates to businesses saving an average of 80 percent on the cost of mailing documents, bills, and accepting payments.

Expanding billers network

In almost 11 years of service, doxo currently serves over 2.5 million users who make payments to over 50,000 local and national businesses, making Doxo the largest bill pay directory in the nation.

Doxo over doubled its customer base in 2018 and has been expanding its team to accelerate growth further and adjust the invoice pay landscape to concentrate on the customer.

Also, Doxo has leading investors such as MDV, Sigma Partners, and Bezos Expeditions to progress faster.

Legit and sound policy to keep your data secure

Doxo payment app doesn’t store debit or credit card information, and individual billers never see your individual information. Although the doxo app is free to use, it has a legit privacy policy that doesn’t sound like they’re making money by selling their customer data, instead, since Doxo helps the business to save money on paper, its mobile apps are free for the consumer.

doxo is free to use

What is more, it is always free, and there are no annoying adverts like other free apps out there. If the provider is in Doxo’s network, and you’ve connected to that provider, and you use your bank account to pay (rather than a credit card), there’s no extra charge.

Apple Pay supported

Most users pay their bills with a mobile device using the associated company’s app. More than half, according to a written statement, use an iOS device.
Doxo have added the ability to pay bills with Apple Pay. By using doxo, you already have a single account from which to pay your bills, and with Apple Pay, you now have a safe, secure way to pay them. They added this feature in 2019 to simplify and reduce the hassle of bill pay for millions of Apple users, and thereby bring new benefits to the billers on Doxo.

Apple Pay started in 2014 and can be supported on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac and transactions work with contactless payment terminals. More than 1 million credit cards have been registered within the first three days, according to Apple, and in that December had 253 million users.
Each week, Apple Pay is embraced by another bank, business, or country. Just last month, Apple Pay started from the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia, bringing the number of markets to 34.


The doxo app takes security very seriously. We would like it to “Bank-grade security.”

When you set an account up with Doxo, the service takes several measures to keep your documents protected. Every login is made up of not just a password and username entry but also a security question and image. Each phase of the login procedure appears on a new screen, too, which is a stricter system for hackers to crack. The Website uses bank-level safety: RSA 2048 encryption using an AES-256 symmetric key.

Getting Started With Doxo App

Signing up for a Doxo account needs three information; an email address, a password, and the ZIP code which helps doxo find relevant service providers you’ll be able to pay. Note that you don’t need to give your name or other identifying information. As soon as you’ve created an account, then you can customize it. For example, you can make folders for various housing kinds of documents. Some documents you may want to upload and scan yourself, such as deeds to property, guarantees, and birth certificates. Other files may be imported automatically once you go to your Doxo account.

The type of accounts that are supported is immense. For instance, if you connect to your AT&T accounts, Doxo can pull and rescue bills for you monthly. If you connect to an email account that frequently receives bills sent by providers, those can get registered into Doxo, too. It’s a fantastic company, particularly for those accounts that don’t save a history of your paperwork. PayPal is just one of them and only Business and Premier PayPal members get a history of the statements in their account. Everybody else gets a monthly invoice emailed to them, but no saved history. If you connect Doxo to your own email accounts, you can automatically import and save all those statements.

Doxo is an excellent service, worth trying if you need both a central bill payment system and electronic paperwork storage.