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Why Are Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Becoming so Popular in 2024

by Elsa Stringer

One of the most dreaded household activities is, for sure, vacuuming, especially if you have a vacuum cleaner that is big, impractical, and heavy and has cords. It can be very hard to move it around, so it makes the whole process even more impractical. Robot vacuum cleaners are, due to many different things becoming more and more popular nowadays. Why is this so?


1. Convenience

When it comes to these devices it is essential to state that they have become available in the market not so recently. So why are they increasing in popularity in the past few months?

Firstly, these devices are very small and they do pack quite some energy needed to keep the house tidy. The whole purpose is still, not to eliminate the vacuum cleaners that exist on the market, but to make the user’s life more convenient. This means that devices like robot vacuum cleaners are meant to be on disposal, and keep the house somewhat clean between two major weekly cleanings.

These are good for the ones who have a tight schedule and cannot turn on the regular cleaner to get the living space tidy during the week. These devices can be very useful if you are living in the apartment and you do not want to disturb neighbors during the working week, either very early in the morning or late at night.

These devices can be programmed and be turned on at the desired time or on the demand, making sure you will not step on it or trip over it during the day. In addition, different brands have different capacity, so make sure to empty the pan so it can efficiently dust away while you are at work. If you have stairs or different levels in the house, make sure to program it in such a way that it won’t fall down the stairs and get damaged.

This is why most of them nowadays come with software that will enable them to take the route that is safe. With different ways that it can be programmed this device will take a bit more of your time, but it will give you a satisfaction of clean home when you get back from work.


In addition to all the traits, being dust free and getting more done during the week while the house looks clean is something that will make your life easier. Pay attention to a few things though, and make sure that you have set it properly for the surfaces you have. If you do not have carpets and only one type of flooring this device will for sure be way easier to program and use. Different surfaces may pose a threat or an issue, but this will depend on the manufacturer and the options it has come with. Different types of carpets may pose an issue if they are too deep since some do not pack that much power, but on the other hand, it’s something.

2. Prices

When first hit the market they were really expensive when compared to the conventional vacuum cleaners and they did not offer that much as in options. Now, you can get your robotic house assistant for the price that is in your budget range.
The price, as always depends on a few things. The first one is definitely the manufacturer. Big brands will sell their products at higher prices due to the name itself. For example, iRobot will be way more expensive than the vacuum cleaner from another brand that has the same traits.


Here we get to a dilemma, that is very common, and that is; is the price dictating the quality? Are products that are pricier less prone to breakage and have more quality parts. This is something that you will need to be careful about, and do some digging.

It is always smart to do research about the product and compare a few before getting the one you need. This means that all the things need to be taken into consideration; starting for the price and all available options this one provides.

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Be sure to compare the size of the container, the strength of the motor, battery capacity and time needed for the battery to charge. It is also good to check the loudness of the vacuum when on as well. Once you have compared it all, rethink and see does it pay up to get the one you wished or there are better ones on the market. Online reviews are an excellent way to get more honest info about the product.


3. Technological advances

As years have passed by, the number of companies producing this type of devices increased. With technological advances, the number of options and the quality of the products increased, as the prices decreased.

Nowadays, it is fairly simple to tell the robot where to go and to avoid the stair in order to prevent it from falling off and being damaged in the process. Essentially, some manufacturers are providing regular touch-ups and system updates that allow the product to work the best way possible, resolving small problems and glitches.

As we have more development in the technology used for these products, the market is increasing in the offer and the demand is starting to rise as well.



As the industry made progress, we have a change in the value and options that are offered by robotic vacuum cleaners. They are becoming way more popular and this is because they are able to pack a substantial amount of power in small devices, get the job done in a short period of time and make the house clean and tidy without too many troubles.

When it comes to the price, they are pretty affordable, though the price will depend on the brand and the options this device offers. As it is easier to get updates for the device and program it to do what it is designed to in the best way possible, the selling is on the rise for a reason.