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Why are Nursery Rhymes an Important Element in Early Childhood Development?

by Dangula Bingula

You may have enjoyed it as a kid, but the elders later wonder why these nursery rhymes as coming on Kids TV, Kids rhymes, Farmees, Oh My Genius, or Zebra Nursery Rhymes have any relevance. So, why do the nursery teachers tend to begin with the nursery songs? Let’s explore.

The reason why nursery rhymes are important


Small children tend to enjoy the rhythm of well-made rhymes and also enjoy watching them on TV or other mobile devices. Nowadays, there are many educational rhymes for the kindergarten and relevant baby songs to get them along well with good culture and health habits. Rhymes, songs, and stores are an ideal way to teach them the essential preschool lessons and life skills in a fun way. Here, let’s discuss the major reasons why it is so.

  • Songs help improve the attention span of kids

You may have noticed that the attention span of a toddler is much shorter compared to that of an adolescent. So, when you start to read stories to them, you cannot expect them to keep up with it for long as they get distracted in a minute or two.  So, nursery rhymes as ideal to start with as when a song is recited in rhythm with a catchy video, like the Boo Boo Songs or the Bob the Train, you can get some instant response. Babies tend to listen and pay attention to such songs. Most of the babies love to see the illustrations and characters which look so adorable, and they can easily relate with.


  • Songs aid in language skill development

Another reason why rhymes are essential for the little children is that those help toddlers to speak faster by learning words and syllables. Teaching little kids to recite rhymes is now an essential part of preschool learning and language skill enhancement. This is more important in families where English is not used as the primary language. Good ones will help children learn English and understand the correct usage of words. Reciting the they well make toddlers more confident to use the language, this makes further learning much easier.


  • Improving social skills

As in the case of Boo Boo Songs, which help learn the essentials, many of the nursery rhymes are aimed at helping children to learn social skills. As the majority of the little ones of our times are living in modern nuclear families, they get a less chance to socialize and understand relations. This can be covered to a large extent through social skill development-oriented rhymes and stories.

In a typical preschool environment, kids may be initially very shy and aloof as they don’t easily get along well with others out of their primary circle. Next, signing along the nursery rhyme will start to create a bond between their classmates and teachers, which will further extend to the others too they are dealing with. So, parents can effectively make use of baby songs by downloading them from reputable sources or learn those to be sung to your little ones to pave a basement for their learning and development.