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Who Is Your Best Legal Companion In Getting A US Visa In London?

by Jajce d Muckic

There is plenty of ways to get a US visa in London. One of the most popular and easiest ways is through law firms services.  One such service is provided by Solutions in Law, a law firm based in London, which serves clients all over the world. Their specialty is obtaining US visas for clients and helping them realize their dreams.

Whether you need to visit the US for studies, to tour its many attractions, to join your family, for work or even if you are seeking permanent residence, this and similar law firms are the perfect place guide for getting a US visa in London. While you can travel from the UK to the US under the visa waiver program (also known as VWP), if an application for this is denied, you might have to go the visa application way.

Most people find applications for US visa in London hectic and frustration, and for good reason. The application process is like wading through a whole labyrinth of documentation and requirements that are tiresome at best. Worse still, you might do everything seemingly right, only for a small oversight to cause you to be denied a visa, and equally lose your application fee. More so, the long wait for the visa can be daunting.

There are different types of US visas you can apply for, they are mostly determined by your purpose for visiting the US. The US visas have been divided into two main categories, that is, the non-immigrant and immigrant visa. The immigrant visa is meant for a permanent stay while the non-immigrant ones are meant for a temporary stay. Marriage visas are applied for by people who would like to join their spouses in the US. A person living in the US can sponsor their spouse so they can join them if they meet the requisite conditions.

Student visas are meant for students who are going to study in the US. For those who seek to work or attend to business for a short time in the US, there is a B-I visa that they should apply for. Those who wish to go to the US as tourists ought to apply for the B-2 visa. If you are traveling for both business and tourism, then the B-1/B-2 visa which combines both is the most suitable.  The first step in getting your visa is correctly identifying the type of visa that you need to apply for.

These short term visas require the applicants to show sufficient proof that they will be returning to the UK after the visa period elapses, which is usually less than 90 days. For this, you will have to submit documents that support your continuous stay in the UK and strong ties to your lifestyle. Such documentation includes mortgages, continuing student document, land ownership, a letter from your employer and so on.

If you are between 14-79 years, you will be required to present yourself for an interview to further ascertain the information contained in your documents. The interview is usually one of the most daunting parts of the entire visa application and whether the visa is given to you, and the speed with which it is processed leans heavily on how you fair on during this interview. Yet another thing you must show is that you are in a position to support yourself financially in the period that you will be in the US.

The need to be prepared for the interview can never be overemphasized. That is why our lawyers have over the years perfected the art of helping applicants get ready for not just the interview, but also ensuring all the documentation is in order. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be and the greater your likelihood to ace the interview. Do not suffer through this process alone when we can help and make things much easier for you.

There are conditions that if not met, may render you ineligible to enter the US – such as referred to as visa ineligibilities. They include medical ineligibilities, arrests, convictions and prior deportation among others. If you have been rendered inadmissible, we can help you apply for a waiver and get considered for a visa. Even in cases that may seem impossible, we have gathered enough experience over the time to hunt for legal loopholes we can use to build a strong case for you.