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How Can You Travel To The United States Easily?

by Sinke Car

How do you travel to America hustle free? This is a question many people ask. Well, to be honest, there’s nothing called easy as such when it comes to visiting the World’s most powerful nation. It all relies on getting your journey arrangements in order. There are regulations that stump even the savviest travelers to the U.S. But before you embark on the trip, you can get in the know with these tips that’ll make your journey to America easy:

Understand your visa situation:


Any person visiting America must understand the visa requirements for entering the country. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows individuals from certain jurisdictions to visit America as tourists, or as visitors. But there are conditions;

-You must not stay in the country for more than 90 days.

-You must be in possession of an e-passport

-You must be a citizen from one of the 38 member countries under the VWP.

-You should be visiting for business, pleasure or transit

If you’re eligible for the VWP, then you must apply for a travel authorization prior to your journey via the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). According to usaestaonline.com, this program allows for an easy establishment of compliance with the country’s traveling directives and safety. Also known as the VWP application, the ESTA guarantees you a shorter and smoother process of traveling to America. You should have obtained ESTA travel authorization 72 hours prior to your flight. Failure to which you won’t board any flight to the United States. But once your approval is successful, your ESTA remains valid for two years, meaning you’re free to visit.

It is important to point out that a ESTA is not a VISA. If you’re coming from a country that is not under the VWP you’ll need to obtain a VISA from a US consulate in your respective country. Whether you’re visiting for holidays, studies or transit you have to meet certain criteria for your VISA to be approved.

Make sure you have a valid passport


A passport is not only a travel document, but it is an identification document that you can use to prove your identity. It is an irrefutable form of identification because it is a document issued by your respective government. A passport can be used to determine your citizenship, it is the official travel document known worldwide and for tracking your movement. It has pages that are stamped to show where you’ve previously visited.

Know the transit rules

If you are planning to transit through the U.S. you’ll be subjected to clearance by the customs department. Technically, there is nothing like ‘transit” in the U.S. because all passengers must disembark and clear with the immigration and customs officials.

What does this mean? As a traveler, you must meet all the visa requirements for the different states, even if you’ll be held-up in the airport for a few minutes in between your flights. But the good thing is that your luggage will be checked in your final destination, and not during transit. I recommend booking your flight with one airline. That way they’ll know you’re transiting.

Choose a destination that suits your visit


America is an enormous nation with thousands of miles of coastline, buzzing cities, splendid geographical features and antiquated towns. If you’re visiting for a no-particular reason like a graduation or wedding, learn about the different attractions and decide what to include in your travel itinerary. You can start by visiting visittheusa.com where there are different destinations listed by different regions, cities and states.

Family Members/ Relatives

If you have relatives living in the U.S you can easily visit. This is particularly easy if the family members are Green Card holders. If you’re not visiting relatives and friends book for a place to stay in advance. Shop for hotels online or via your travel agent.

Get employment in the U.S

Getting employment in America is not easy if you come from other countries. However, those with extraordinary skills, like professors, researchers and medical experts easily get employed in America. Their travel is also made easy as they will be contributing to the growth and development of the country.

Book airport transfer in advance


As a traveler who wants to travel to the U.S easily, an airport transfer to get you to your destination can save you the hassle. It’ll reduce the stress of looking for a way to get to your preferred last stop because once you land at the airport, someone will pick you up and take you where you want to go. America is a car-reliant nation, with 95% of households owning a car. Public transport isn’t reliable, the roads can be congested and therefore difficult to navigate if you’re new in the country.  Therefore, the easiest and hustle-free way to get to your destination is to have an airport transfer waiting for you once you land.

What you should keep in mind


Traveling to America is never easy. Bear in mind that after your travel arrangements are approved there are other aspects that can still affect your journey.

One thing to remember is to ensure that you have an insurance cover for anything that is travel related. Furthermore, though your VISA or ESTA was granted, it’s still important to have all your necessary documents with you while traveling to the U.S. Your passport should be accompanied with your national identity card at all times.

If your travel is for a specific reason, we recommend you ensure you have all the licenses and permits approved and ready because the authorities will check and scrutinize these documents. Lastly, after meeting all the legal aspects of your trip, don’t forget to take care of the simple things like packing smart and making a list of everything you carry so that you can go through security without much hassle. Without a doubt, traveling to America necessitates serious groundwork and it’s for a good reason: to ensure your experience is memorable and to travel easily!