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What to do when you are in need of hiring new people

by William Gist

Hiring new people is a crucial and inevitable part of being a good business leader and you might find it more complicated than just reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. There are a few employer mistakes that could deter job candidates, from badly written job descriptions to a lack of communication with the applicant. However, there are some steps that you could take to ensure that the whole process will be easy, as well as encourage the best candidates. Here is a list of six things to do in order to improve your hiring process.

Build a strong employer brand

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More than 75% of professionals are passive candidates that are not looking for jobs at the moment but are open to new and better opportunities. By building a strong employer brand, it will not only reduce the turnover of employees by 28%, but it will also attract the candidates that are working for another company. A recent survey showed that 69% of people are more likely to apply if the employer manages its brand by doing simple things, like updating the profile of the company and sharing important updates on the company and responding to reviews. When you focus on building your brand, you will not have to do active recruiting, since your company will be highly desired, hence applicants will come to you.

Move efficiently and quickly

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Did you know that the best candidates are off the market in 10 days? It is important for you to move quickly, especially if you are interested in a specific person. Even if you did not decide yet, you should follow up with the person often, discussing other details of the position in order to ensure that you are still on the radar. Also, you should answer all questions right away in order to keep them updated.

Write good job descriptions

Most companies write job descriptions with requirements and lists of responsibilities expected from the applicants, however, according to Frontline Source Group, from Austin, Texas, this might alienate the employees and you should focus on what your company can do for all the potential employees and you will most certainly attract people who will fit better to your needs.

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Embrace social media platforms and digital trends

Almost all people want to get a job at companies that keep up with the latest trends. A big part of embracing the digital era is to use public social media platforms for candidate research. Like most companies, you will probably do a standard background check on the candidates, but their social media profiles can offer better and more details about the person. While it is legally risky to let the applicant’s social media page influence your hiring decision, it does not hurt to get a better picture of the person you are interested in hiring.

Fit the personality to the job

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Although the candidate’s skill set might seem like the most important thing when considering if the person will be a right fit, the truth is that they can acquire skills, but they cannot acquire a personality. You should consider how their personalities will align with the tasks they will be getting. For example, a personality trait, like empathy is more important for a social worker and nurse, than it is for a programmer or a tax attorney.

Improve your interviews

You probably know what an interview should look like, however, what you might not know is that you need to allow the candidates to interview you as well. You should allow applicants to ask questions that will give you a chance to see what is important to them. It will also allow them o determine if they want to keep chasing the job at your company or to decide if your company is not the right fit for them.

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If you are looking for new people to join your company, you should keep these six tips in mind when going through the hiring process. It will make the whole process easier, more time-efficient, and less overwhelming.