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What To Do If You Lose Your Car Key

by William Gist

If you have recently lost your car key, you will know how much of a frustrating and annoying situation it can be. In some instances, you can even work your way out of a car lockout, and a huge part of that has to do with having spare keys or other entry methods you have prepared preemptively.

However, if you are still reading this, then you probably do not have a spare key after losing your main keys. This is when things start getting tricky, and when the issue develops into a bigger problem. But do not worry since this happens to a lot of people which means there is a solution to this problem.


It is one thing to just say ” I have lost my car keys” and it is a completely different thing to say if you have lost your car keys and you do not have any spare keys. If your situation is as the latter, then you are most likely locked out of your car and you can’t even drive it.

The first thing you need to do is to calm down and avoid panicking since this will only be a hindrance. Your best bet is to remain calm. This is easier said than done, but having a calm sense of mind is a much better option than doing something unnecessary and worse out of frustration. Once you have calmed yourself, you need to focus on the type of car key you have lost.


Type of key you lost

Back in the day, car keys were much simpler. You have a key and that key works only with your car and that was it. These days, things are much more complicated than that because of the various technological advancements we have had in the automobile industry. Not all keys are universal, so when you lose your car key you need to pay attention to the type of key you’ve lost.

  • Transponder key

If you have a modern car, there is a possibility that you have had a programmed transponder key attached with a keyless remote you only had the transponder key.


Most cars that were created after the late 90s usually come with these transponder keys. A transponder key is much different than the traditional keys we are familiar with because it makes the pairing process between the key and the car to a much higher level. Click here if you need Car key replacement

  • Keyless entry remote

Newer cars today rely completely on keyless entry remotes. These kinds of keys constantly communicate with you can which makes your car more accessible to you. However, these keys are much more expensive to replace than traditional keys.


  • Traditional car keys

Traditional keys have been around for many years and they can easily be remade or duplicated. These kinds of keys are usually used in many older vehicles. They may not offer a lot of security for your car, but they are pretty easy to make yourself a duplicate or replicate it from zero.


Now that you have looked around your immediate area and retraced your steps just in case if your key has fallen out recently, it is time to consider a locksmith. You know about the type of car key you had, next you will need to check your car’s vehicle identification number, model and year of your car. Choose your locksmith wisely depending on cost and quality.