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What Is the Weknow.ac Virus?

by Elsa Stringer

Weknow.ac is a fake web search engine or in other words a malicious software. It is similar to chumsearch.com. It is  essentially a program that can harm your device. It may look harmless but we know.ac records what you do online without your consent. On your device, weknow.ac is probably installed through a fake Adobe Flash update.

fake Adobe Flash update


A fake Adobe Flash will put this fake search engine on your laptop or computer. It aims to harm Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. The way it works is to hijack your browser settings and then to make your default search engine  without you having a choice. Additionally, it will monitor your online searches.

These types of malware is designed in a way that anytime you try to change your default browser to your old one it changes the settings and goes back to the malware one. It almost makes it impossible to get rid of it. This has a big effect on the experience of the online user. Then, another even more serious effect is that your information is shared with third parties, potentially people who are up to no good. These people might use your information to make money. This means that having this software on your device puts you in danger of having your identity stolen.


If you get something like this installed on your Mac you must take immediate action to prevent it from causing harm. The way this usually happens is without you even knowing you did it. This marketing method is called “bundling”. Developers know that users often try to speed through download/installation processes and often skip steps.

In that way, all information regarding modification of browser settings is concealed within “Custom/Advanced” options (or some different sections) of the download/installation process. By going fast and skipping steps, many people make the mistake of allowing set-ups to make changes, thus exposing their systems to the dangers of various viruses and risking their privacy.


How do you prevent this? The answer is pretty easy, you just need to pay more attention and be more careful when installing programs on your computer. Read through every step and make sure you don’t allow additional changes or add ons with the program you are installing. Another tip is to only look for programs from sources that are known and official.

Tips on how to remove weknow.ac can be found on MacSecurity.net.


If you wish to remove it from your device you need to follow the next steps.

1. Remove the weknow.ac profile
2. You also need to delete weknow.ac as well as anything that is connected to it. Everything that seems suspicious should end up in the trash folder. Pay attention to programs that were added recently.
3. Delete the addon that weknow.ac created
4. The next step is to delete all files created by weknow.ac
5. If the browser you use is Google Chrome there are some steps you will need to take to bring back your old settings.

What we need to remember that the people who create this type of malware keep developing as people catch on. This tips might not be too effective in the future. We will try to work on more advice and tips on this matter. But the best cure is definitely prevention, and being careful when installing new programs and apps on your device as it is very easy to make a mistake and make your life a lot more complicated.