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7 Tips on How to Get Twitch Followers – A Beginner’s Guide

by Tracy Finke

Twitch is an online streaming service that allows streamers to broadcast their games and activities for other people to watch. Twitch followers can be obtained by building a successful Twitch channel, improving the quality of your stream, and making sure you’re engaging with others.

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1. Choose Design Wisely

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Spruce up your Twitch channel with an appealing design to draw more audience. Use a Twitch chat panel, banner, and overlay at NerdOrDie.com to make your channel look more professional. Twitch provides a ton of useful templates that you can download for free or buy from other sellers. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Free Twitch Panels;
  • Twitch Overlay Templates;
  • Twitch Banners Packages.

The design of the stream is one aspect that many viewers consider before Twitch followers. Many streamers pay attention to the design of their channel and make sure you’re engaging with others.

2. Set Your Goals

Before you run your channel, think over your primary goals. Treat your like a professional business. Twitch partners get Twitch followers and cash on their subscriptions. You can also make some Twitch donations while broadcasting live to your audience, which might be a good idea if you want others to follow you faster.

As you wonder how to get twitch followers fast, you should start from the right point. Be specific when you set your goals, they should be clearly understood. Think of why you want to run a Twitch channel and what you want to represent.

Set realistic goals for realistic time periods. If it’s your first streaming experience, expect some time to grow your audience. If you don’t get 10000 subscribers for the first month, don’t give up. You’ll need some time to bring new people.

3. Stream Often

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Consistency is your best friend here. If you want to get loyal followers, stick to a schedule and stream frequently. It is a platform to share your gaming experience and show the world what you’re capable of. Use this opportunity to show off your true colors. Once you find your audience, they will desire more content. Don’t make them wait too long, otherwise, you’ll end up with unsubscriptions.

Create a schedule that fits you best. It should be a perfect time when you’re usually off work or studying. As nothing should disturb you while streaming on Twitch. That’s a good thing to announce your schedule on social media so followers are aware of upcoming streams. This will add some trust points to your channel.

When you make up your schedule, it makes sense to include a short teaser of what you’re going to play. This will make your Twitch channel look more professional. Plus, it’s convenient to stick to a steady schedule as it’s easy to remember.

4. Entertain Your Audience

It is all about entertainment so don’t forget to bring lots of fun to your channel. Twitch followers want to have a good time and watch some amusing content. You should be able to engage your audience with interesting games, stories, or funny moments in your life.

Having an interactive Twitch chat will help you keep in touch with the viewers more often. And it’s great for fast feedback about what they like or dislike on your Twitch channel so far. You can also read Twitch comments while streaming which are visible only to you. It makes sense if you don’t forget this feature when streaming on Twitch.

5. Be Unique

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Twitch followers are looking for something new. So streamers have to be original and bring something that is not available on other Twitch channels right now. Try finding your own game genre or style of content. This should be something that helps you fulfill your potential.

You can also try personal Twitch emoticons instead of boring text comments while streaming. It may become popular with people who watch streams often enough. Plus, they will keep coming back to check what special symbols do their favorite Twitch streamer use this time.

6. Choose the Right Games

If you want to get more Twitch followers, it’s essential to pick the right games. Try finding a Twitch game that has a huge fan base and the most people play it every day. You can also think about making your own Twitch games if you have enough coding skills to do this.

If there is no Twitch streamer with similar content as yours, consider starting with playing the same games as they do. Or looking for something new but Twitch-appropriate.

First, you need to make sure that Twitch is the right place for your gameplay videos. For instance, it’s great if you want to broadcast Minecraft games or board game sessions like Settlers of Catan on Twitch. Because there are lots of gamers who use this platform. If what you’re planning to stream doesn’t fit Twitch’s audience, it will be hard to gain Twitch followers.

7. Spread Your Word

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When you create your Twitch channel and start streaming, try promoting yourself as much as possible. You can use Twitter or Facebook but don’t forget about Twitch itself! Watch other streamers, comment on their content, build personal relationships with them. That’s how the Twitch community works. These people might help you in becoming a popular Twitch streamer.

Also, make sure not only to interact with the chat during live streams, but also reply to messages sent via social networks after each of your streams. When we speak about it’s channels’ popularity increasing through word-of-mouth, this is what we mean. When one person tells another “Hey man! Have you heard about that new guy who plays awesome games?” the popularity of Twitch streamer is increasing even if he isn’t streaming right now.


It is a great way to connect with people who are passionate about the same things as you. It’s also an entertaining platform where you can watch others play games or learn how they do what they do best. We hope that this guide has been helpful in getting started on your journey to growing your audience.