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What are the Ten Best Activity Holidays in Wales?

by William Gist

Wales has the perfect landscape for outdoor activity holidays. From the rugged, mountainous peaks of the Snowdonia National Park to the wild beauty of the Brecon Beacons further south, there are incredible trails, forests, and coastlines where you’ll find some of the best activities in the UK.

Mountain Biking

Wales is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations for mountain bikers. There are designated single-track trails threading across the whole of the country providing challenging terrain to suit every level of ability including bikers who need to use specially adapted bikes.

There are more than five hundred miles of mountain bike trails for families and experts to enjoy. One of the longest trails cuts through the Doethie Valley. The routes are exceptionally well-maintained and include visitor centres with parking facilities, cafes and bike shops to help with repairs.

Outdoor Laser Combat Games


Laser combat games use rifles with infra-red technology to harmlessly mark combatants of opposing teams. Specially designed arenas, thoughtfully laid out amongst the natural rocks and woodlands of Wales, create authentic combat zones. Many of the games are themed to allow participants the chance to go on specific missions such as capturing an enemy flag. The combat games can be enjoyed even in wet weather as the mud often adds to the atmosphere. Protective clothing and expert supervision is usually provided to help everyone including children aged seven enjoy a great day out.

High Ropes

Children aged around eight years can join in the fun and excitement of an adventure playground constructed from sturdy ropes and wooden platforms. Some suspended walkways of wooden slats are built into the forest canopy at a height of thirty or forty feet which afford magnificent views of the Welsh countryside. Safety harnesses are provided to ensure even the most nervous adventurer enjoys tackling the obstacle courses. You will find a variety of treehouses, bridges and even exhilarating zip wire rides that will provide nerve-tingling fun for all the family.


The hills and valleys of Wales are covered in many wooded areas such as the Llandegla, Gwydir and Brechta forests which provide the ideal terrain for a paintball combat adventure. Two teams of any size play a military-style hide and seek using paintball guns to eliminate each other. The paint is made of water-soluble, biodegradable ingredients that are harmless to the combatants and the environment. Full instructions, safety advice and protective clothing are provided to ensure your fun-packed adventure is an exciting experience from beginning to end.

Go Karting


Go Karting is a perfect activity for those who love motorsports. There are several tracks set amongst the stirring Welsh landscape. They feature a variety of go-karts with different speeds and power levels to suit any age or ability. Tracks are well-designed with sharp bends, bridges, tunnels and ramps to provide an interesting and challenging terrain. Gravel run-off areas and a team of on-site staff ensure every exhilarating go-karting experience is safe and enjoyable. You don’t need a driving license and basic tuition is provided.

Clay Pigeon Drills


The pigeons in this activity are circular discs made of clay. They are fired from traps either into the air or along the grass in imitation of pigeons and rabbits. The course layout will often include several traps positioned in meadows or woodland to provide authentic settings for target practice without harming wildlife. There is usually a lower age limit of thirteen years due to a certain degree of strength being needed.

Climbing and Abseiling

Wales has so many hills and mountain peaks such as the Clwydian Range and Snowdonia that rock climbing and mountaineering are some of the most popular activities. An exciting holiday excursion for beginners and experts alike is a climb up a sheer rock face followed by an exhilarating leap to abseil back to the bottom. Heights of around ninety feet are fairly typical and provide unforgettable views of Wales. Instruction from qualified mountaineers and full safety harnesses are part of the package. Visitor centres have a range of facilities to make every trip comfortable.

Nordic Walking


Walkers have two poles similar to those used in skiing to help propel themselves along with an easy to learn action. The lightweight poles take much of the strain involved in walking which enables walkers to travel effortlessly through the beautiful Welsh landscape. Many trails follow disused railway tracks which are full of wildlife. In addition, there are several health benefits to be gained such as increasing the circulation and improving muscle tone in the shoulders, back and limbs. Nordic walking is an ideal activity for any age group.


Coasteering encompasses many activities such as rock climbing, swimming, diving and body surfing through the waves as participants venture along the Welsh coastline. It’s a thrilling experience that brings everyone closer to the seals and marine creatures that inhabit the sea. Depending on the tide, there are several caves to explore. With full supervision from experienced guides and a variety of heights for rock hopping, families and novices can join in the excitement.

Gorge Walking


The unique landscape of Wales with its rugged gorges filled with waterfalls was formed by glaciers during the Ice Age thousands of years ago. Gorge walking or scrambling uses the natural obstacles of the terrain to provide an exhilarating assault course like no other. There are challenging tracks throughout Wales which involve rock climbing and swimming in pools to suit all age groups including young children. All the equipment you need including helmets and safety harnesses is provided and there is full guidance from qualified tutors.

If you would like to do any of these activities see Welsh activity holidays for further information and costs. Wales offers something for everyone and is a great place to vacation.