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What Are The Most Important Things To Know When Writing A Resume

by William Gist

Employers usually use a resume throughout the hiring process to learn more about the applicants and decide whether they are a good fit for their company. Your resume should always be easy to read, highlight all the important experience and summarize your skills and accomplishments.

There are a number of often-used CV styles, your resume should reflect your relevant skills, experience, and education. You may even have to consider multiple versions of your resume before deciding which is the right one.
We have made a short guide about the most important things you should know when organizing and designing your CV.


Use keywords

When preparing to write your resume, you should carefully read a lot of job postings that are in your interest and complement your skills. As you are applying for different jobs, you should study each of the job descriptions for keywords that shows what the employer is actually looking for in the candidates. If you want your resume to be relevant, then you must include those keywords.


For example, if you are applying for a job as a programmer, the employer might add keywords such as “coding” or “IT” in the job description. Keywords have a higher chance to show up in the sections labeled as “Qualifications” or “Requirements”. If you have any of the skills they have listed as requirements, then make sure you add them to your resume.

If you are planning to submit a job application, then you must have the perfect CV. If you are looking for inspiration and you need good examples, then we recommend you check this out.

Check out resume examples

When creating your CV, you should try studying examples of those from your industry to find inspiration. While there are a lot of ways you can use resume examples, the most important things you should look for are:


• Make it short

You will notice that each section of the resume example is to-the-point and short, including the experience descriptions and summary. Adding just the most relevant and key information means that employers will be able to consume much more information easier and understand your role.

• Make it easy to read

A lot of samples are straightforward and simple. This is because employers don’t have much time to review every single resume, this is why readability is key.

• Include numbers

You may also notice that resume samples often include metric in the experience section. You should also do this because employers are always highly responsive to measurable and proven values. Numbers allows people to easily understand the value you are offering.

If you are using examples, make sure you do not make an exact copy. These examples are meant to be used as a starting point for your resume and should not be used as a template.

Use a professional font


When writing your CV, you should use a clean and basic font like Times New Roman or Arial since employers have only a short time to review it. Keep the font size somewhere between 8 and 10 points.

If you are applying for a certain job, then make sure you follow our guide to design and organize a professional resume.