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How to Wear a Varsity Jacket With Style – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

From university campuses to some of the top runways in the world, the iconic varsity jacket seems to be everywhere. In fact, it has been present in both men’s and women’s fashion since it first appeared back in the day. At the moment, it looks like these clothes are making a comeback one more time.

However, it might not be so easy to style it, especially if you bought one for the very first. Luckily, the article below will highlight some of the best tips on how you can style your varsity jacket with style, but, before we take a look at the styling tips, let’s look at what these clothes are:

A Varsity Jacket: Explained

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A varsity jacket, also commonly referred to as a letterman or baseball jacket is one of the coolest clothing options that should be found in every closet. Now, they’re sportier than a bomber jacket is, but at the same time, more dressy than a simple track jacket, which means that they could be worn in both formal and informal situations.

If you browse through some online stores, you’ll see that, in most cases, they feature two or more contrasting colors, they don’t have collars, and they usually feature buttons at the front of them. If needed, you can click here to read more information on the history of these jackets.

Six Ways to Wear a Varsity Jacket in Style

1. For The Preppy: Pair it With a White Shirt/T-shirt

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If preppy is what you’re looking for, preppy is what you’ll achieve with a black varsity coat combined with a white shirt underneath. Both of these options are quite versatile and by combining them, you’ll achieve that fashionable and preppy look while ensuring that you don’t go overboard with your clothes.

You can also match it with a white shirt, and no matter what you choose, you should leave it untucked. Additionally, black or khaki pants will look amazing with the aforementioned combination. This outfit can be worn in casual situations, but if you want to wear it in a formal one, ensure that you put on a pair of black shoes or sneakers.

2. For The Casual: Pair it With Blue Jeans

As we mentioned, these clothes can be worn in a wide range of situations, hence, if you want to appear casual and relaxed, you should choose to combine it with well-fitted jeans. Keep in mind, the jeans you choose should fit you well, mostly because you might not want to appear rugged.

When it comes to the clothing you should wear underneath, a white shirt will be fine, while you might want to pay extra attention to the footwear. Since the look is casual, you might want to combine everything with black or white Converse-type shoes, or even better, black Vans.

3. For The Rebel: Pair it With Biker Boots

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We cannot always wear sneakers, especially when it starts raining, which is why you can also match it with biker boots. Not only will it look amazing, but it’ll also provide you with that daredevil, rebel look. To tie the outfit together, you can purchase black torn jeans, as well as a black leather jacket.

Now, to achieve this particular style, you shouldn’t forget the accessories as well! Since the outfit is entirely black, you could, for instance, choose to purchase some really cool glasses, add some rings or dog tags, and if you need somewhere to place all of your things, you can opt for buying a leather backpack or bag.

4. For The Student: Pair it With a Shirt + Tie

You probably know that colleges birthed the varsity trend, which is why you can see it on every campus. Of course, it’s entirely suitable for school, however, if you want to make a style that’ll help you look neat and sharp, there are some styling tips that you should follow.

For starters, you could choose to throw it over a white shirt, but unlike the first look we mentioned, you should tuck the shirt in your pants or trousers. Additionally, if you want to seem more professional, putting on a necktie that features the same colors as your jacket will tie the entire look together.

5. For The Urban: Pair it With Skinny Jeans

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These clothes are incredibly versatile, which is why they can be combined with urban and modern streetwear as well. For a sporty, yet urban look, you should opt for purchasing one that has embroidery on the sides or front, and combine it with skinny, black jeans.

Additionally, you could even choose to wear a hoodie underneath it! If you opt for this, you should pay extra attention to match the color of the hoodie to the coat, mostly because you don’t want to go overboard with the colors. Hence, ensure that you match the two clothing items properly.

6. For The Cool: Pair it With White Pants

If you’re planning on wearing it with white pants, you must ensure that you stick with contrast and neutral tones such as gray or brown for the rest of your outfit. This means that, if it features black and brown colors, you should put on a pair of brown or black sneakers as well. The same goes for other colors as well.

When it comes to the clothes you’ll wear under it, it’ll entirely depend on your preferences, nonetheless, you should, again, make sure that the colors are right. Keep in mind, if you make the wrong T-shirt choice, you could always choose to button up the coat.


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Depending on the look your want to achieve, as well as your preferences, there is a wide range of ways that you can style your varsity jacket. From the preppy look that can be worn in both formal and informal situations to matching it with blue jeans that’ll make you look casual, the possibilities are endless with these timeless clothing pieces.

Since you now learned what you could – and definitely should – choose to do, don’t lose any more time, instead, you might want to start browsing online and brick-and-mortar businesses, find a suitable varsity jacket, and then try some of the combinations we mentioned above!