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Ways You Can Curb Electric Energy Used at Home

by Ingeborg

With the rising costs of utility bills, we cannot help but look for ways we can reduce our energy consumption to save on utility bills and also to help the environment conserve its resources. One of them is to go to a trusted Utility Bidder company that will give you the best quote and service for your utilities.

Do not use multiple electronics that do the same thing


We are guilty often of using too many electronic devices that can do the same things, such as cell phones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers, TVs, and radios. They become redundant devices, and they eat up a chunk of electrical energy when you plug them in. If you are already using a smartphone, maybe you can keep your tablet off, and only use a desktop or laptop computer for work.

Look outside your house


Reducing your energy consumption is not only limited to inside your home. Look outside your house; what can you do to cut your utility costs? You can plant trees that block the heat of the sun from penetrating your windows, prompting you to turn on the air conditioning. When you open your doors and windows, the trees will provide the cooling.

Time your thermostat

Time the hours that your thermostat is running, and program it to turn off after several hours; fans will do the rest of the cooling by circulating the cold air from the AC around the room. Also, turn off your thermostat when you leave your house. It will save you a lot of money on energy bills.

Insulate your home


Insulating your roof and ceiling will help cool and heat your home during the summer and winter, respectively. Proper insulation reduces electricity costs. During the summer, when the heat becomes unbearable, the insulation will control the heat that comes in the house, allowing you to use less cooling. The same goes for the cold days. The insulation will keep most of the cold outside, so you don’t have to crank your heating system all the way up.

Teach the kids about being responsible with electric devices


Discipline starts at home, and when the kids are young. If you teach them manners, you should also teach them to be responsible citizens of the earth. Teach them about turning off all unused electrical appliances when not in use. Teach them to turn the TV off when they are on their phones and tablets. Teach them to switch off the lights when they go out of a room. All these things are very easy to do, and if you instill in them these habits early on, they will carry them on when they grow older.

Unplug unused appliances


Many people leave electronics plugged in, day in and day out, even if they are not in use. Make it a habit to take the plug out of the socket for any electronic device when you are not using it, especially if you are going away for a few days. Not only do you reduce your consumption, but you also keep your family and home safe from a fire that plugged in electronics may cause.