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How to Watch Disney Plus from Anywhere? – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

Disney is a well-renowned company with multiple channels under its name. One of the newly launched platforms by Disney is Disney Plus. The channel brings you amazing TV shows, movies and amazing visual content for you. However, the service is only launched in certain regions like the US, Canada, the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, France, and New Zealand.

Not being in these countries can make you have constraints on accessing the channel but don’t worry, we have brought you the perfect guide by Streamingrant for how you can watch Disney Plus with VPN. However, before that, let’s get to the point of why you need a VPN for Disney Plus.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

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Geo-blocking is a concept well-known for the world of internet and technology. Geo-blocking refers to restricting the access of a certain user to a website or a platform. The websites or platforms identify users by IP address.

The IP address in this manner refers to the specific internet address assigned to the user according to its geographic location. Thus, a VPN here comes in handy to spoof your location and contemplate on bypassing the restrictions. A VPN connects you to an IP or a server from a location that is not geo-restricted.

Many streaming platforms have a proxy and VPN detector that can detect whether you’re accessing the site through a VPN or not. The VPN providers that have strong encryption protocols and top notch security protocols can bypass such streaming platforms. Nevertheless, you will have to learn how to use a VPN and watch Disney Plus.

How Can You Watch Disney Plus from Anywhere?

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First things first, let me tell you about how you can access Disney Plus from anywhere. Here are a few simple steps to make it happen.

  • Find a VPN that suits best to your requirements.
  • Buy VPN and Log in with your credentials.
  • Once you are logged in, connect to any of the servers from the countries mentioned above that are not geo-restricted by Disney Plus
  • Go-to Disney Plus VPN and enjoy your favourite shows without any hassle.

What Should You Look For in a VPN?

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You have got the idea of how you can use a VPN to access Disney Plus. But another important part here is to pick the best VPN in every value. To get the best VPN, a few things that you should look for are.

  • Offered Servers and Countries

The first things that you should look for are the servers and the countries that VPN offers. Best VPNs for Disney Plus including PureVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark have got thousands of servers from 100s of countries. These three options are the best in terms of servers and countries.

Having a VPN that has a large server network helps you to opt for different regions within a country. Even if one of the VPN servers takes a long time in connecting then you can easily switch to a different server from the same region. It’ll als give you the edge of using a server with better bandwidth and no lags at all.

  • Prices

The next thing that people look for is prices. Prices should be budget-friendly and should be affordable. PureVPN is said to be the most affordable amongst the premium VPN service providers. There are numerous providers that charge ridiculously high despite offering a sub-par service. On the other hand, there are industry leading VPN providers that provide amazing service at a very low price.

Take SurfShark as an example, it offers top-class service and charges only a dollar, like literally. VPNs like this are truly committed to serving the customers rather than ripping precious pennies from the customers’ pockets.

Another reason why you have to consider a pocket friendly is because you are already paying for the subscription fee of the streaming service. Over that, if you are choosing a VPN that is charging a hefty amount then it is a steep deal. So, be smart and choose the best VPN in terms of price and performance.

  • Security

Moreover, one of the top priorities for digital users is to secure their data, and while selecting a VPN, you should also consider the same. VPNs should not breach data or should not have anything where the information of a user must be compromised; thus, this is one of the most important things that you should analyze.

Many VPN providers claim to be highly secure but in reality they might be keeping your logs or even leaking your IP and DNS. Such providers should not be entertained as they can have your privacy jeopardized any time.

  • Speed

To have the best experience while streaming onto services like Disney, plus you should know that the VPN you are using should have the best speed for uninterrupted streaming. If a VPN is lagging, it will make the experience of your streaming worse which is why you should check this.

When you are choosing a VPN, make sure you research its server speed, preferably its download speed and pings. These two things matter a lot for streaming and they should be top-notch.

Final Words

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If you are a binge-watcher, you must not miss the shows on Disney Plus, but the problem is that you cannot access Disney Plus from certain regions. Disney Plus has plans to expand itself globally but it is doing so at a very slow pace. They have expanded to more than 15 regions by now but their fans are present in more than 30 countries worldwide. Under such circumstances, online streaming fans that wish to access Disney+ from regions where it is not available are left helpless.

However, there is one way that online streaming fans can access Disney Plus in restricted regions and that is through a VPN. With a VPN, you can always access Disney Plus from anywhere because it allows you to change your location and access the service without any problem.