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Why Warzone is Struggling Right Now?

by Tracy Finke

In the second half of last year, it has become apparent that Warzone is struggling to invite new players. After dozens of updates, seasons, and 2 major overhauls, it’s just not the game we all came to love back in 2020. And it’s a super difficult problem to fix.

The loadouts system, how meta everything is, new players just don’t stand a chance, and they’re not having fun in this game. Some gamers found a way around the problem – using the some service to get some value out of the dying game.

Surely saying that Warzone is dying is not necessarily the right way to describe the situation. The game still has lots of people playing it. Thanks to the game being free and essentially very easy to pick, lots of players have no issues downloading the game and trying it out.

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The problem is with retention. While some players have found ways to get more warzone wins by hiring more skilled players and playing with them, gamers that played their first couple of matches will likely want to continue playing. It seems that the only solution is to make a sequel to the game.

To be more specific, if the Modern Warfare sequel comes later this year, the developers could turn a blank page with Warzone and build a brand-new BR experience. It would mean killing the last 3 years of content and updates from previous titles integrations. There won’t be the Call of Duty best loadout. Instead, the developers will bring out Warzone 2.0 with new innovations new Warzone legendary weapons and let the people start again.

First Rumors

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The first time someone mentioned the Warzone sequel was Jason Schreier in his post on Bloomberg. What he said in there is particularly interesting. And if his information turns out to be true, this could change a lot for the CoD franchise. He claims that even before the Microsoft – Activision deal, Activision had already planned out the future of the CoD series, which includes two new CoD games and the Warzone sequel.

This means that the potential sequel has been in the works since at least last year. Well, if that’s true, should someone even bother getting the CoD Warzone weapons max level? The answer is a sound yes. You see, it still may be quite some time before we all get to play the sequel.

The plan to release one CoD game every year can always change. Even if it doesn’t change, Warzone will definitely not come out at the same time as the main entry of the series. To us, it means that most likely, the new BR will come out next year, somewhere during Spring.

So, you can get your CoD Warzone weapon level up as much as you want. The first game isn’t going anywhere yet. Spacing out future CoD installments has been discussed among the top Activision employees, according to Bloomberg. So, fans should take this fact into consideration.

We all might end up waiting more than a year for the Warzone’s part two. Meanwhile, the work on the current installment never stops. The devs keep upgrading the Warzone ranking system, fighting the cheaters, and adding content through seasonal updates.

More Details

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As of right now, we have on our hands official confirmation that MW2024 and Warzone 2 are in development. Moreover, we also know some details in regards to the new games. More specifically, for the BR, there’ll be more innovation in terms of the Warzone weapon tier list.

The developers are aiming at a huge evolution and a leap forward from the first game. They claim that no match will be the same and that the players will have more agency over how their match plays out. What this really means is not known, but perhaps the developers are thinking about personal extractions methods.

There’s no way of knowing at this point. For the new CoD Warzone unlocks, there’ll be an entirely new list of weapons to work through. But what’s even more exciting is the huge upgrade of the Gunsmith system.

Moving away from the sequel for a minute, the developers have also shared plans in regards to the current version of the game. According to them, they will address some of the pending issues that plague the game, namely in the matchmaking preferences and some other big gameplay changes.

Ranked play is the priority for the team. We know how many players are using the Warzone rating boost to advance because the system is just unfair and broken. Other improvements will include:

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  • Traversal fixes – you can get stuck in a lot of objects on the new map
  • Better footstep audio – this is a big one. A lot of fans are complaining about it.
  • Better player visibility – this is causing a lot of problems for players right now
  • Fixes of AIM assist for consoles – the devs will look into reducing the assist on longer distances
  • Gas masks will be fixed and will not interrupt players aiming down sights
  • Better vehicle handling and collision detection

Other minor improvements are also in the works. All of this means that potentially more people will return to play the battle royale Warzone.

A Brighter future

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One other detail that we intentionally skipped, in the beginning, talking about Warzone 2, is the fact that it will have its own separate client.

This also means that Warzone will be its own separate game that could be developed separately from the main CoD games. This means a lot of this game. Warzone boosting service will, of course, transition to support the new game, but a lot of it will have to evolve as well.

The past two years passed quite fast, and we’re all hoping that the fond memories we have about this BR will find their place in the new installment. We’re all looking forward to getting battle royale wins with our friends, posting some crazy clips online, and having a good time. Warzone was a cure for the isolation period that the world experienced when the pandemic hit hard.

The times have changed slightly, and the fans are as ready as ever to have the original game come back into their lives. There’ll be new CoD Warzone rewards to fight for and more frags to make. We can only imagine where the developers will take the game next. Will it come closer to the futuristic feel of the past installments, or will it become more grounded in reality?

Make your wish list for it, and when more announcements and trailers come, we’ll see who had the best guess. Lastly, keep in mind that you can always count on LegionFarm to provide you with the best teammates and coaches for this installment and the next. We’ve established our name, providing the best experience for gamers of all skill levels through our legionfarm.com.

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Record some videos of your best matches and have them stored somewhere so that when the next game comes out, you can compare and see just how better (or worse) the sequel is.