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Vanessa Hudgens Tattoos Complete Guide: Designs And Meanings

by Mary McFarren

Vanessa Hudgens is the queen of the mini tattoos. So far, she inked ten times with delicate, meaningful symbols. Considering other celebrities’ artwork, Vanessa’s collection seems rather small. The first one she got was in one of the New York parlors, ten years ago. Since then Hudgens has been steadily adding new ink to her appearance every year.


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The most noticeable tattoo is on Vanessa’s left side of the neck – a butterfly. It’s also the very first tat that the actress did in 2011. It has a special meaning to Vanessa since her name translates into a butterfly in Spanish. “A butterfly landed on my mom’s stomach a week before I was born and that’s how I got my name because Vanessa means butterfly”, the 32-year old singer said.


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Vanessa inked OM signs on both of her pinkies. The symbol comes from Hinduism and is considered to be a very powerful, positive sign that spreads out good vibes. It’s often rhythmically chanted before sacred rituals in Hinduism and Buddism. It’s unknown whether or not Vanessa practices these religions, but she sure felt compelled to tattoo the symbol symmetrically, on both fingers.


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On the left side of Vanessa’s side-boob, she put a small, delicate sunflower tattoo. It was back in January of 2024 when she premiered the ink on her Instagram page. The photo got the thumb up from almost 2 million people.


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Two months later, Vanessa visited her favorite “Bang Bang Tattoo” studio to get an angel tattoo. She calls it her “divine feminine angel”. The tattoo was done by Dragon, Vanessa’s preferred artist.

“Cages or Wings”

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It’s obvious that her role in “Tick, Tick… Boom” means a lot to the actress. She tattooed the lyrics from the song “Louder than Words” to honor her role in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s adaptation. In June of 2024, Hudgens shared a photo on Instagram saying: “From everyone involved to the score to the story … just everything. Can’t wait for you guys to see it”.


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A few months ago, Vanessa added one more tiny tat to her collection. This time it was a star on her earlobe, that kind of resembles a compass. Or is it a star? In any case, a nice touch by the actress.

Heart and Chain

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On Vanessa’s fingers, there are two separate tattoos. On her left pointer finger, she inked a small heart, while on her right middle finger there is a chain that looks like rosemary with a cross pendant. It kind of goes against the OM symbol, or maybe they complement each other. Vanessa never went into details about it, but it does look pretty cute.


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A number 22 is tattooed on Vanessa’s right arm, just above the ankle. The meaning of the number stays private since the actress never publicly explained the meaning behind it.


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Once more, in June of 2024, Vanessa went to her favorite artist, Dragon, to get a boa constrictor tattoo on her left ankle. So far, it’s her 10th and the latest ink. On Instagram, she captured the photo: “Lol, lucky #10”.