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Valorant’s Solary Cup is over. What conclusions have we made

by Elsa Stringer

This is probably biggest Valorant championship in Europe but, unfortunately, the quarrel happened there. The seven days long championship finished on Sunday in where winner receive all prizes. The professional team from the UK called Fish123 took to the home main prize by winning the tournament with the score 2:1, playing against the star-team Prodigy.

Of course the final was hot and full of intrigue. The main player of Prodigy, Dafran was expelled from this championship and all next Solary’s competitions, after his statements about Damien (player of another team). By the way, previously Daniel was a pro gamer in the Overwatch.

Let’s see three main conclusions we have made after the Valorant tournament.

British Valorant team Fish123 is the strongest in Europe


By the time we already have an absolute leader in Europe, the competition between T1 and Gen.G teams in the U.S is still going on. They are fighting for the leadership of the best Valorant team in Northern America. Fish123 is a really weird name, and their history isn’t well-known. They joined Valorant far ago and already have won Mandatory Cup before joining Solary.

Fish123’s leader Adam Eccles to ESPN after his team has won the Solar Cup said that they won the tournament due to their teamwork and perfect cooperation. Mentioned that their team was far behind in Valorant, so they had to do a lot of practice, to get many advantages in future games on the event. Many players improve their game by analyzing statistical data with Valorant Tracker. Also, he said that now feels same as these well-know CS players. By the way, all members of the team are nice friends in free-from-gaming time.

All the “action” happened on Sunday on the final round competing vs Team Prodigy, especially players ScreaM and Draken. Each time when it looked same as Prodigy going far ahead in progress thanks to their skills, members of Fish123 concentrated and made comeback, making excellent attacks and defense. During the last map Fish123 was playing all the time the same tactic – attack and then defense to shut down Team Prodigy’s chaotic game and win the cup.

Europe had many gaming tournaments with the most wide-spread prize (money). However, organizations in Nothern America were picking up teams much faster than it was in Europe. Such famous teams as Fnatic decided to host championships instead of signing players for them. On another side of the planet (N.A.), many esport teams like a T1 immediately started making up lists, outside of Ninjas in Pyjamas. European winner-team thinks that they are the starting five who can become the best team in that continent – their message to A-list organizations.

The Head of Fish123 said that his team has already proven to the world that their team the best in Europe not because of popular names but their skills and experience. Then he added if any organization looking for a team with only one purpose is to win, they are welcome to contact Fish123.

Unfortunately, Fish123 fell apart as a team, so probably we won’t see this name for a long time. Seems the core reason is that they can introduce each organization that will ask this UK team to introduce them.

The Valorant pro-player Dafran won’t appear in any gaming organization in a close time


There are no doubts that Dafran one of the best world gamers with great talent. You can always check it out on your own by watching his streams. He has a fast reaction, a nice tactic, and is perfect in teamwork. The situation with Valorant is quite the same. He was among the first players in the world and certainly the first gamer in Europe who started playing Valorant. Due to that, he is always on the highest spots in the European top for that game, playing for the already well-know agent called Viper. After watching his streams there are no problems for imagining him as an esport team player.

Maybe it’s for the best, because after watching his streams its getting obvious that he is much better streamer than a pro-player. His comments about the event (on which his team was late, btw) are one of the things which don’t let this 26 y.o incredibly talented guy become a worldwide famous professional player in esport. He took part in other Valorant events before the Solary Cup and had the same problems with his anger. He could not use properly Viper’s skill to make a wall, decided to play in solo, and ignore all his teammates’ requests to be more serious.

So we can see really comic videos on YouTube or Twitch where pissed off screaming Dafran running after Brimstone with a knife. Players like him will never help to players such as ScreaM and their teams to get any better and reach an esport success.

However, if anybody would ask me which streamer for Valorant they have to watch, I would recommend Dafran. He is funny and tactical in while playing, showing tips and tricks, teaching how to turn Viper into the real killing-machine. Although being a professional player, it’s hard to belive that this is first Valorant competition for Dafran. Dafran is that case when he is a much better streamer or gaming blogger than a pro-player. As we can see, not all talented gamers are meant to become professionals.

The Valorant pro-player ScreaM probably will appear in the major event in a close time


I don’t take my words back about calling Fish123 one of the most skilled Valorant teams in Europe but I think that not all the best players in that part of the world are in the team. ScreaM is the real legendary player in CS: GO and now, he decided to move on. Valorant is pretty similar to CS, so he feels himself playing this game just like fish in the water. He has already proven his pro-skills while playing the game on beta-testing.

His tactic and style of play are interesting, he can aim much better and faster than most of the other players. That makes him pretty much wanted player for different organizations in Europe that are looking for sponsorship into Valorant. He learned all the nuances of playing for Sage. He using his wall-ability not just for protection and blocking enemies’ entry \ exit points but for boosting himself when he needs it (while the gunfights). Many CS players who already playing Valorant usually taking Phoenix or Breach as the attack agents. ScreaM chose the secondary healer-agent and made her the most powerful in the game.

ScreaM set a goal for himself to become a pro in Valorant, I am sure that this Belgium gamer will be playing for the best European esport team in the next events.