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The Subtle Art Of Promotion: Utilizing Custom Name Plates For Marketing Wins

by Nicola Holder

There are different strategies you can use to make your brand more recognizable. It is all about small details that will make it easier for people to recognize and remember the name of your company. When it comes to name plates, many people don’t realize that this detail can also make a difference.

For example, you can create a unique plate with your name, position, and the brand. There are some great ideas for custom name plates that you can find on this site. In this article, we will analyze more about the benefits of name plates as part of your marketing strategy.

First Impression

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When you are meeting with a potential partner or a client in your company, keep in mind that the first impression will play a huge role. Even though these platers might not represent an important factor, it could be the detail that will improve the wider picture about your business.

For example, it will represent that your company care about different positions and status of all people in the company. Also, it will be easier for visitors to communicate and find who they are looking for. It is great for brand identity when you have platers that are luxurious, simple, and good looking.


With all those different position in the structure of the company, it can be difficult for newbies to adapt. Also, it is proven that the adaptation will be much smoother when new workers are staying with people on similar positions.

They can feel more relaxed when they recognize what others are doing. For example, you might want to avoid asking some question someone on a much higher position, especially if that is about something you already should know.

On the other side, it can improve the efficiency and workflow. There is no need to roam around different offices and call your manager when you need an assistance when all people are wearing name plates, or there are platers on doors of different departments. You will know where to go whenever you need help with anything.

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There are many other advantages as well. For or instance, you just got the job, and now you will have to meet a lot of new colleagues. However, if that is a big company, there won’t be enough time to meet with everyone in person, at least not at the beginning. However, if you get a plate that says that you are a new worker, it will be easier for others to recognize that, and welcome you in the right way. People will simply become more interested in approaching you and offering their assistance.

Brand Identity

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There is never a limit when it comes to advertising your business. Sharing the logo of your company is a simple and effective way to affect people to remember it. In that matter, there is a much higher chance that a client will remember your logo when all people are wearing custom plates with that logo on it. Moreover, it will make you look more professional. The name plate on your desk will represent a great way to express your status.

How to Choose the Right Design?

This can be a tricky part since there are so many options available. The first step is to choose the material. That can be plastic, wood, metal, and more. Metal plates are more expensive, but they are the best choice for those who want to ensure luxurious appearance.

Another important step is to choose the combination of colors. The right one depends on your position, type of business, and values your brand is sharing. For example, if you are working in entertainment industry, or selling books and toys for kids, choosing a colorful name plate is a great choice. On the other side, the same combination should be avoided if you are a lawyer since you need to act serious and professional.

After you select the right material and color, it is important to choose a suitable font and size. One of the best and easiest solutions is to opt for a minimalistic style. It will represent a simple plate with a logo and your name next to it. Also, you can focus on your name and position where these words will be larger, but there still will be a logo in the corner.

The process of choosing the right one is easier when you are working as an individual, or in a small company. On the other hand, it is essential for big enterprises to set some rules where all plates will have same or similar appearance.

Another interesting solution is to choose different colors and sizes of plates according to the position. For example, newbies could get a different color to be easily recognized, and the same approach can be used for those at the top.

Source: nametagwizard.com

Furthermore, it is never a good idea to play around with these plates too much. The results and effects will be much better when you select a model that everyone will use all the time. For example, a gray background with black letters, and a small logo on the left side. It will be more impressive when all people are wearing the same model.

You can use the same design on other promotional materials, like the cover on banners that you are sharing online, public marketing, website background, social media posts, and more. Sticking to the same combination all the time will make it much easier for potential customers to get familiar with your brand.

Last Words

As you can see, choosing the right combination of elements for your name plate can improve the brand identity and make your company more attractive. There are both internal and external benefits. For example, the communication between different teams will become more efficient, while visitors like potential clients, new workers, and partners will also find it easier to find the right office or assistance. In that matter, this is a simple and affordable detail that will lead to better results.