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10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

by Nina Smith

It’s that time of the year again where those in a relationship are looking for ways to express how much their loved one means to them. Of course, because there are national lockdowns in most countries around the world, normal Valentine’s Day outings are interrupted. 

Still, making the day special will just take a bit more creativity – but it can be done! That can start with a very thoughtful present – one that isn’t considered to be generic or lacking effort. We’re not saying you have to go to the lengths of Travis Scott, but there are points for originality.

1. Personalized Robe & Underwear

Source: pinterest.com

We’re aware that the joy of receiving socks for Christmas is a sign of growing up. Well, why not get your face printed on your partner’s socks for Valentine’s Day? Too Weird? What about a personalized message on a fresh new pair of boxer briefs?

If you want to up the ante, then personalized robes are available. The luxury soft material is fitting for Valentine’s Day present, not to mention the embroidered name. Plus, using a website, such as couponbox.com, can land you with a 20% discount.

2. Novel Alcohol

Novel alcohol sounds like a strange phrase, but hear me out. Sweet Violet Liquor, Personalized Prosecco, Cherry Bakewell Gin, Craft Beer… This isn’t everyday booze. If your loved one enjoys a drink, then what better present than a unique, high-quality liquor, or something they’ve never tried before?

Shopping for this may be just as much fun as receiving the gift, given there are so many choices. 

3. QR Gifts

Source: desertcart.com

So, we all know what QR Codes are already, but where’s the romantic link? QR Codes, it turns out, are easily ingrained or printed onto sentimental items, along with a sentimental message to which the QR code links to.

This could be a TikTok video, an online message, a Spotify song, or anything that would mean a lot to your partner. Then, the link to the message can be printed a QR Code on a cork keyring, poster, and many other items.

4. Put your craft to good use

Making your own present is as good as it gets when it comes to points for effort. For those handy with embroidery or sewing, you already have a headstart and can make some woolly hats, socks, heart-shaped blankets.

For those of us lacking artsy skills, perhaps woodwork is a better option. For example, building a nice picture frame and vanishing the wood. You can go a step further if you’re good with electronics and build a smart mirror – which is a talking mirror with a screen behind the reflection. It’s not too hard to make, and it is certainly unique!

5. Night-in takeaway

Source: thesun.co.uk

Many couples cannot go for their routine Valentine’s Day meal, so what better way to replace that than with a takeaway? Of course, the usual take-aways can be poor quality, so this is a chance to try out a restaurant meal that is doing home deliveries due to coronavirus.

You should get the pick of the bunch; a much larger selection than in non-pandemic times. A nice Italian meal along with the aforementioned alcoholic gift should make for a great combination.

6. Scratch Maps 

A scratch map is essentially a large poster of the world, framed, but made out of foil on matte paper. This material is intended to be scratched off, for example, whenever you have travelled to that country. This is a great gift idea for partners who love to travel – or perhaps you travel as a couple and want to visually see everywhere you have been

There are variations to having a map of the world, but we think this is where the idea truly shines. It’s perfect to hang in an office or bedroom, and really shows off something important and specific to yourself.

7. Paint by Number

Source: pexels.com

Paint by numbers is essentially a combo gift that includes a canvas for a painting, but with numbers and thinly drawn outlines. The numbers correspond to a colour, so your partner knows exactly what to do. 

This is a great idea for partners who have a creative side but aren’t avid painters. It makes it accessible and prompts them so they don’t feel lost. This makes it great fun and ends up being, hopefully, a good painting. Alternatively, you can both get one and try to complete it over a bottle of wine on valentines evening.

8. Subscription 

Getting a nice selection of chocolates or soaps for valentines is a nice present, but why not take it a step further and get a subscription to those things. This is all the more thoughtful because you’re considering that they’re worthy of receiving the monthly or weekly gift. 

The subscription could be for lots of things: grooming kits, soaps, makeup, magazines, video games, chocolates, craft beer and so on. There are also magazine subscriptions that will send your partner a different magazine each month, making the niche topic of this month’s edition anyone’s guess.

9. Celebrity Message 

Source: theguardian.com

Before starting, note that this says message and not massage – though both sound great. A celebrity message is essentially paying someone your partner likes or finds inspirational, or just funny, for them to say a video message to your partner.

This can either be a short witty script your write for them to say or something nice they make up on their own. There are several middlemen marketplaces specifically for this service that have a wide range of celebrities – from YouTubers to soap actors to Jay from Inbetweeners.

10. Buying a title… Or a star

Ever looked up to the sky and thought “I want to own one of those stars”? No, of course you haven’t because you’re not an intervening megalomaniac Billionaire. However, it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make a great gift. Although the legitimacy of the ownership is in question, given that these gifts are often under £100, your partner needn’t ever know. Likewise, you can also purchase a title for them, making them a Lord or Lady, for a similar price.