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Travel to Study Medicine in Bulgaria, The Best Decision of My Life

by Dangula Bingula

My Story

Having just started studying for a medical doctor in Varna Medical University I’m thrilled to share my thoughts with you. I have always wanted to become a doctor. It’s extremely tough to get into medical university in the UK, and so I decided that I would try another country in Europe. I had a couple of options such as Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine.

I had stringent specifications and requirements for a medical university, so according to Medlink Students, the best option to study medicine for me was Bulgaria. I decided I would go there as I also have a friend who studies there and is very delighted about it.


Regardless of how hard it might sound I got accepted in Varna Medical University in no time. I just had to sit an entrance exam and soon after I found myself accommodation in less than a month after I applied.

When the semester started in September my friend in Varna took care of me on arrival. He helped me with transportation and showed me around. We had to find an open Pharmacy at 3 am because I had a massive headache during the flight.


The accommodation that he found for me wasn’t expensive at all, and it is not some shoebox compared to most places in England. My friend helped me so much with fitting in and with my studies.

The Universtiy

Speaking of the university, I can say it is a lot more than what I expected from an Eastern European country. In England, we have some stereotype and believe that Eastern Europe is terrible and the people there are awful. Well, this is not true at all.


The lecturers are fantastic, always helpful. They are not stressing you out like they do in England. My colleagues are amazing as well. People from all around the world that chose Varna to study and none of them is disappointed in any way neither am I. In this country, you can get one of the best educations in the world.


I’m using the most out of studying medicine in Europe as I see it as a travel opportunity. I’ve had terrific experience throughout my students’ years here. Deciding to study abroad was the best decision that I’ve made in my life so far. I explored a whole new world I knew nothing about.

The City as a Travel Destination

I’m in love with Varna! You should see the summer here (another reason to live and study here. I mean how cool it is to live 5 minutes from the beach? People in Varna say they don’t travel to the beach, they walk a few minutes and voila, how many places are there in the world that can take pride in this? You have fantastic nightlife throughout the year as well. I guess around 90% of the night clubs and pubs in the UK close at about 2 am while here the real party starts at 2 am. They have fantastic national foods that I can’t stop binging on, beautiful views and women as well.


If you are planning to study abroad, don’t hesitate to choose Bulgaria. These guys will make sure you get the best experience possible in and out of the university. 11 out of 10 I will recommend Bulgaria to friends and family when I get back to the UK.