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Travel Smart and Ensure Cybersecurity on the Go

by Edvard Berlusconi

In the United States, July 4th is marked as the peak of summer, which is the ideal time to pack your bags and head out to travel. Whether you are on your way to a personal trip or a business trip, either you go by car or plane or do a quick jaunt or prepare for an extended trip, just make sure that you adopt the best cybersecurity practices according to Security Boulevard along the way.

Scammers and cybercriminals are never on vacations, and they wait to feast on tourists and travelers. They wait for the right time to take advantage when people are off-guard and are distracted by the beauty of nature or other pursuits.

To help our readers, we have pulled off some tips which will not only help you raise awareness about cybersecurity but will also give you training materials that you can use to travel safely.

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Stick to the Basic

Travelers are often found being extra cautious about their clothes and toiletries. However, they ignore the very basic of cybersecurity while packing their bags up. Here is how you should streamline;

  • Limit the use of credit cards and keep your identification items with you the whole time
  • Explore the possibility of using a disposable laptop or mobile phone.
  • Leave data-packed business devices behind if possible.

Stay Cautious of Open and Free Wi-Fi

Most people set their phones and laptops to find a free Wi-Fi connection and automatically connect to them. This comes in real handy as you stay online on the go but comes at a scintillating price.

While this approach can help you save some of your mobile data but will also expose you to significant risks, always remember, any Wi-Fi that is not protected by a password is super vulnerable to attack.

You can consider these pointers before connecting to a public Wi-Fi.

Img source: Computerworld.com

  • Always prefer using “HTTPS” based websites and (VPN) to protect your data. According to AllBestVPN.com, not only a VPN adds a layer of encryption for your data, but it plays an equally important role in giving you an anonymous pathway to do whatever on the internet.
  • Did you know that most of the Wi-Fi names are manually created? So just imagine if a scammer creates a network with a fake name of the restaurants and you use the same network.

Can you imagine the amount of damage it is capable of? So before you head on to join an unprotected internet cross-check with the authorities if they really offer an internet connection with that name.

It is Time to Get Physical

Some relatively simple physical measures can make a lot of difference and keep you away from cyber-attackers and scammers. Remember these tips while you are on the go

  • Never leave your devices unattended. Anyone can get into it by software and can hack your data in no time. Thieves are opportunistic; they wait for the right time to attack and do their job. They can even steal your device if you leave it unattended, if luck is on your side there is a high chance you will get it back, but no one can guarantee that your data is not breached.
  • Secure your most important devices while you leave them behind. Without a doubt, the best bet is to keep the important items with you while you travel but if you can’t carry them along then had it over to someone who you can trust.

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Stay Vigilant by Sharing

Would you feel comfortable in setting up a microphone at your home and broadcasting every sound of your house on the popular radio station of the country? You won’t right? Then there is no need to scream on the social media about your travel plans. Here is how you should lock it down;

  • Turn off automatic check-ins on social media. In this age where almost everyone is social and thinks that it is cool to share every bit of information online, stay vigilant, and act smart by sharing what needs to be shared. Not everything is to be shared on the internet. Also, turn off location tracking so that you leave no clue whatsoever as to where you are leaving for and when you will come back.
  • If you feel so left out without posting on social media, then post your check-ins but keep the privacy to “only you” and when you get back change the privacy to “everyone.” Point being shares the information as it happened. Stay smart and don’t leave a trace to the scammers and cybercriminals.
  • If you are traveling using your own vehicle, then it is better than ever but if you plan to use a rented vehicle then stay assured of your Bluetooth connection. Don’t leave it connected just because it feels convenient. If you leave it open, then not only your data but your contacts and call history will be left vulnerable.