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Top Tips for Men to Look Better this Summer

by Dangula Bingula

As summer is now in full swing, we want to be looking and feeling our best. Whether that be dressing a certain way, finding time to hit the gym or working on your self-development, there are steps we can take to help us be the best version of ourselves during the coming months. Looking ‘better’ does not necessarily mean you have to invest in a wardrobe overhaul. Marcus Sherman recommends looking for information; we all need the right information to make the best decisions. This way you save money and time. Looking better can relate to your body and how you may currently hold yourself in your everyday life. Take a look at some of our tips below:

Dress for the Occasion

As the warm weather surrounds us it does not mean you have to ditch the formal wear and opt for t-shirts, shorts and sports caps for the next few months. It’s about choosing necessary layers to do more with your outfits but with wearing less. Try similar outfit options as you would wear in the winter such as trousers and shirts but replicate the items in linen or light cotton material. Think breathable, especially if you have back to back meetings or travel a lot.


Most clothing garments are available in linen whether you’re looking for trousers, shirts, jackets or overcoats. Footwear should not be overlooked either, as you will want shoes that are comfortable but also look the part if you need to be suited and booted this summer. Loafers are extremely stylish and a great alternative for leather lace-ups. A simple, slip-on shoe that can be dressed up or down is perfect for a warmer climate. If you prefer to spend more on your winter wardrobe to accommodate for coats and leatherwear, then why not look for some affordable summer shoes at a fast-fashion brand such as Uppersole. They stock a wide variety of men’s shoes for any occasion!

Invest in some Accessories

Often men will forget about accessorizing an outfit and how valuable an added item might be. Just think how much we use bags, well how many times you use your wife’s or girlfriend’s bag. It is worth investing in a pack of your own whether you use it for work, the gym, or on your everyday commute.


Think practical, durable, and timeless when choosing your bag. A long-lasting leather bag will not only look the part but can transform your suitcase issue every time you go on holiday. Leave the packing to your other half and use your leather bag to hold your essentials. Not only will a bag help you with carrying your belongings, it will also add another level of style to your summer look.

Exercise regularly


We all wish to feel good in the summer, well all year round for that matter. Exercising consistently will lift your mood, helping you feel good as well as look the part. A brief walk or jog can help clear the mind as well as enhance your summer tan. So, work on releasing those physical endorphins to not only enhance your mood but leave you feeling more body confident inside and out.

Hold Yourself in the Correct Way

Lastly, try this simple step to look better this summer. Good posture can sometimes be forgotten about when we catch ourselves slouching. When it comes to long-term health and confidence, holding yourself a certain way can make all the difference.


Paying close attention to your posture can help with your alignment, which helps your muscles work in the right way. It is especially important if you work in an office environment and you find yourself hunched over at a desk all day!
It is important to be the best version of yourself no matter the season. So, take steps to help you feel and look better to ensure you give off confidence and style all the time.