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Top 7 Features Of Spying Applications

by William Gist

Spying tools can become useful if you want to find out a certain person’s movement or conversations that they have been having on their phone. By using GPS you can track their location as long you have the app installed. You could also check their calls, monitor their internet activities, spy on their instant messaging apps like Facebook, Viber and other popular apps, record their phone calls, and other spying options.

These kinds of applications mostly come in handy when you are starting to doubt if your spouse has been telling you the truth. This is the best way to get solid evidence about the cheating spouse.

We’ve made a list of few of the features spying tools can offer

1.   Managing calls


Spying tool apps have the ability to view all history of calls and their date, time, duration, and contact name. You will sometimes even be able to see deleted records.

2.   GPS tracking


If you think your spouse is not telling the truth about where they are going or where they have been, you can use this feature of the spy tool app and find out all the locations your spouse has been at. You don’t have to be actively tracking their location as the application uploads the data online which you can later check.

3.   Monitor Internet searches and activities

You can keep track of all the searching and activities he/she has been doing through their phone. You can see all the websites they have visited and even check the number of times they have been on that same site.

If you are in search of a good spying tool that is able to track all of your partner’s activities, check out the truth spy.

4.   Instant messaging


You will be able to track any applications that support instant messaging. For example, apps like Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, and Instagram. The spy app will let you read all the conversations and even images or videos shared through instant messaging.

5.   Recording phone calls

One of the best features a spy tool has to offer is the ability to record phone calls. You can choose a list of contacts that your spouse will be calling to automatically be recorded. This, of course, will be hidden from your partner and will not find out.

6.   Remote Control


You will be able to remotely control the phone you are tracking. This means that you will be able to open up any app on the phone, send messages or even call someone.

7.   SMS tracking


Another feature most spy tool apps have is to track the built-in messaging application. It keeps track of all SMS messages received or sent by your spouse. You will be able to read each and every message additionally with the date and time and all details about the contact.

If you miss out on any of this information you can always check the online backup where all the data is stored.

Now that you know all the best features most spy tool applications have to offer, it is left to you to decide if you need one at all and which one to download.