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Top 5 Shocking Lies of Donald Trump’s Presidency

by Nebojša Vujinović

Donald Trump was one helluva president. Just not in a good way. His political doings and wrongdoings can’t compare to his controversial statements. His presidency was full of them. The man just couldn’t stop spouting nonsense. Considering he had four years to pile up statements of all kinds it was hard to single out the top five, but we managed somehow.

It all started in January of 2017 when he took the office from outgoing President Barack Obama. Trump was in office until the September of 2024 when he lost the presidential election to Joe Biden. Of course, he used the premises of the White House for a couple of months more, but since then all of his stories were about the elections he lost. Or if you want to put it his way; the elections that were robbed from him. Unfortunately, the story of the United States of America won’t be the same after Donald Trump, but he was the 45th Us President after all.

So, if not by anything else, let’s at least remember him from these notable lies he had no business spreading.

1. Coronavirus is Under Control

Well, let us tell you straight away – it wasn’t! Donald Trump was adamant about one thing. It is a silly Chinese virus, and the US citizens have no business worrying about it. The ex-POTUS often claim that he has things under control and that COVID-19 won’t spread across the States. One year after he said it for the first time almost 400 thousand Americans died from COVID-19. His denial of the upcoming pandemic caused many issues and it probably led to his downfall as the president.

2. Windmill Noise Causes Cancer

Yup! You heard that right. What most of us didn’t know before Trump took the office is that he is a conspiracy theorist. He more than once found out about a crazy theory and decide to share it with the world. Trump often criticized media for using sources that are not named, but he just loved to push agendas that came from unnamed sources. One of the biggest blunders that came from Trump was when he re-tweeted a person who claimed that windmills cause cancer. Yes, our former president did that.

3. Michigan’s Man of the Year

Donald loves awards; he likes to be recognized. So, he decides to award himself a Michigan Man of the Year. It would be a cool and prestigious award if it wasn’t for one thing – Trump never lived in Michigan. Nonetheless, he claimed that he received this award in the years before he became the president. It was something he often brought up during his Michigan rallies. Well, let us see the award Donald, and maybe we’ll believe it.

4. Trump Won The Election

Yikes! This is not something he can get over with. Well, one year has passed and he’s still mumbling and rumbling about wherever he can. Trump tried to convince anyone and everyone who cared to listen that he won. For him, it doesn’t matter that Joe Biden is in the office for almost a year, and is a recognized US president. Unfortunately, Trump isn’t the only one believing this. Millions of his followers are in the same boat and are even aggressive about it. The madness needs to stop!

5. Family Separation Ended Thanks to Trump

Well, it didn’t. But, Trump had to say it. He often made childish lies. This one one of those that if you didn’t look closely seemed like he was telling the truth. What he told during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd about immigrant family separation was the following: “You know, under President Obama you had separation. I was the one that ended it.” Yes, Donald ended the family separation policy, which was something he created when he made family separation standard rather than occasional (what it was under Obama).