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Top 5 Highest-Earning Musicians in 2019!

by Elsa Stringer

There are a lot of great artists out there who are earning millions of dollars each and every year. There are a whole lot of musicians in every genre these days, so the competition between them is fierce. Today, we are going to take a look at the musicians that have had an amazing year and who’s pockets got quite deep in 2019.

5. Elton John


Elton John


This man has been on the scene for many years now, so everybody knows who this man is. In 2018 he said that he is ready to retire from touring and that he was going to start his three-year farewell tour.

You can imagine that a lot of people are coming to his concerts now since they don’t want to miss a chance to listen to him live one last time. Earlier this year his documentary film named „Rocketman“ came out, which is also going to have an effect on his pockets in a positive way. So far, he has earned 84 million dollars this year.

4. The Eagles

2019 Earnings: $100 Million

The Eagles


There is no doubt that they have had a big year. At the beginning of 2019, they have toured in Europe and Oceania. That was such a big success that they have decided to have a couple of big concerts in Las Vegas, in the MGM Grand Garden Arena where they performed their most popular album „Hotel California“ from 2019 in its entirety.

Three concerts from September to November have earned them a lot of money. All of this enabled them to cash in 100 million dollars this year.

3. Ed Sheeran

2019 Earnings: $110 Million


This comes in as a non-surprise as Ed is one of the most respected and most popular artists of this generation. He is one of those guys that seemingly creates a masterpiece whenever he puts something out.

It looks like every single one of his songs is blowing up as soon as it shows up on the internet and the music apps and websites. Because of that we kind of expect him to be one of the highest-earning musicians in the world. As things stand, he is sitting at 110 million dollars in 2019.

2. Kanye West

2019 Earnings: $150 Million


Kanye has a lot going on for himself in 2019. The fact that he is associated with Kardashians is always going to put him under the microscope but is also going to help his pockets when he is involved in their projects. He is doing great on his own this year as he released the „Jesus Is King“ album, a Christian hip hop album that topped a lot of the charts in the USA.

This is the first album ever that topped the Billboard 200, Top Rap Albums, Top R&Bhip-Hop Albums, Top Christian Albums, and Top Gospel Albums at the same time. He earned 150 million dollars in 2019.

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1. Taylor Swift

2019 Earnings: $185 Million

Taylor Swift


She is again at the top of the list like she was over the course of the past half a decade. Taylor is one of the most popular artists today.

Her hit songs show that, the views on sites like Youtube and the number of people who are her fans show that as well. In 2019, she has earned an astonishing amount of money – 185 million dollars.