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Productivity-Boosting Foods for Students

by Ingeborg

Focusing and staying productive in the intense life pace leads to stress and mental exhaustion, which has a significant impact on memory and intelligence. How could this situation be changed without taking pills? If you consume foods containing useful substances every day, you can boost your brain productivity and concentration. Let’s find out what you should add to your diet to give your body energy and boost your productivity.

Nuts and Seeds Are Wealth of Micronutrients


Walnuts and almonds contain essential Omega-3 fatty acids for our brains and their healthy functioning and vitamin E, which protects nerve cells and reduces risks for brain activity.

Whole grains, beans, and seeds are an excellent source of amino acids and zinc, which improve memory and help your brain think clearly. Eating nuts and seeds as a healthy snack is considered a good solution to feed your hunger at noon and cover the daily need for useful substances that support the brain.



Not only vegetarians and vegans value this product. Tofu is rich in fiber and contains a lot of amino acids. Tofu kills hunger and provides a burst of energy. This cheese includes zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Due to these elements, you will get healthy bones, great hair, firm, and smooth skin. If you haven’t tried tofu dishes yet, the following ingredients will help you fall in love with its taste.

Grill tofu, add a few drops of linseed oil. Peel an orange and put a few orange slices on a tofu pillow, cut asparagus, and sprinkle with coconut milk. This dish might seem a little weird, but you will be surprised by its harmonies and soft taste.

Dark Chocolate


A lot of students have a bar of dark chocolate in their bags, and it’s not because they are sweetums. The thought, “I need to do my math hw at night,” is turning in their heads, and they should stay focused and productive throughout the day. But not all chocolate can be useful for your brain activity. You have to know how to choose the right candy bar.

The darker the chocolate you choose, the more useful substances you will get. The best choice is 70% or more cocoa. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, stimulating blood flow to the brain — iron, manganese, and magnesium contained in chocolate increase energy and support many body functions. Besides, cocoa consumption improves cognitive functions and reduces stress.



We are used to eating eggs as they contain protein, but indeed, they have greater value to our health. They have choline that regulates the enzymes needed for mental health. Eggs are a safe way to eat cholesterol that, in small doses, strengthens cells and the brain structure. Eggs contain antioxidants and healthy fats nourishing our brain.



This fruit includes carbohydrates, essential minerals, and glucose. This combination gives you energy. Fiber and protein saturate you for long hours. Slow-releasing carbohydrates are digested slowly, and thus, you will feel fed up for a long time, and the brain won’t give a signal of hunger. Moreover, bananas maintain the central nervous system’s activity responsible for our reaction and speed of thought.

Oily Sea Fish


If you turn up your nose at seafood, it’s high time to figure out its useful microelements. Oily fish is rich not only in phosphors, but it contains a great number of vitamins and useful microelements. Fish also contains a lot of protein that is considered the main food for the brain. In addition, you could find a bunch of simple recipes to cook fish for lunch or dinner. If you worry about the lack of time, you could deal with your college issues while cooking new dishes.



As soon as we hear about broccoli, we start twitching our noses, but broccoli is rich in vitamin K, which is useful for brain function. If you don’t eat broccoli often, it’s time to fix it. We offer you to cook a delicious and healthy soup with broccoli with ayran. You will need boiled broccoli, a small bunch of dill and green onion, and ayran. Blend all the ingredients and pour ayran. The soup is ready! As you see, the dish is easy-to-cook, and it can change your attitude to this vegetable.



Berries have vitamins that help our bodies function well. They contain vitamins C and K, antioxidants, fiber, and many other vital elements. Dark berries are a source of flavonoids that improve brain health and memory. Although fresh berries are usually a seasonal treat, dried and frozen berries are also rich in useful elements, and you can eat them during the day.

Natural Green Tea


Green tea has cured humanity for centuries. It has a long list of the benefits, but let’s consider its positive impact on our brain. Green drink is rich in antioxidants protecting our brain from harmful free radicals and reducing cancer risk. If you start drinking a few cups of tea, you can stay concentrated for a long period and manage to control your feelings and emotions better.

Whole Wheat Bread


If we eat sweet food, a lot of insulin falls into the blood, and the brain starts to fall asleep. We can’t work properly. But our brain really needs carbohydrates, so it’s best to eat “slow” carbs. You can find them in various cereals and beans and whole-grain foods. These carbs will supply the brain with energy for a long time.