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6 Tips For Improving Your Gaming Skills In WoW Shadowlands – 2024 Guide

by William Gist

WoW Shadowlands is one of the most popular games ever. That is why people no longer play it just for fun but want to improve their skills and even earn money. Remember that there are a number of factors that affect your gaming. This applies to your reflexes, eye and hand coordination. However, there are some tricks or a bunch of other ways that will also serve you.

So whether you want to play alone, in the company, or want to do it professionally, our tips can be of great use to you. Below you can find some information to help you improve performance in this game.

1. Practice

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One learns best from experience. By repeating mistakes over and over again, you are getting closer to a solution. So experience brings with it knowledge. Just like high school math has different rules, the competitive play has its own mechanics. So if you can go through various math topics and learn them, you can learn the mechanism of the game just as well or better. That way you will become great at it. Take some time and just practice. This may sound like a cliché to you, it sounds a bit cliché, but if you play more, you improve your abilities and skills. Don’t forget that it’s very important to be critical of yourself and your style of play. Although it is easier to blame others, bad luck, or some other external factor, it is bad for you if you want to progress.

2. Record

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For the purpose of better exercise, it would not be bad to use all the tools for data collection and analysis. So, analyze yourself as objectively as possible as an exerciser. This may be difficult to do during the game, but we have a solution. Record yourself as you play, and then review the recorded material. This will definitely take you to a higher level because you can miss everything during the game. People spend hours playing, not realizing they are constantly making the same mistake.

Of course, watch other players stream. This way, you will notice their reactions to different situations. It is an opportunity to enter the mind of professional players that you can later imitate, that is, their styles. You may not be able to copy everything you see, but any new trick can significantly increase your skill level.

3. Play against better players

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You can’t improve your skills if you constantly play with those who are worse than you. If you are not happy with your playing, you must first change the environment. That way, you will play against someone better than you, which means they will have something to show you. Only then will you be able to learn something new and improve your skills. This conclusion is easy to come to because this also applies to all other things in life.

4. Communicate with other players

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It goes without saying that you will communicate in this game, but try to do it as much and as openly as possible. So, make connections with other players and nurture your relationship. Among other things, you will strengthen the sports spirit, but also adopt a lot of useful information. Understand this game as very competent based on communication and teamwork.

While you can easily lead your team, a good ranking will allow you to make more acquaintances. That means more skilled opponents from whom you can learn everything.

In the end, you can make many lifelong friends as well as other valuables. At the prom, the place is composure. The more you progress in the game, the more pressure you will face. In these moments, it is very important to stay calm, but that is easier said than done. That is why you will work best on calmness if you work in teams, because that is the best way to practice. However, there are other ways like listening to music while playing or meditating in your free time.

5. Don’t forget about META

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For those not sure what this means, the META is ‘The Most Effective Tactic Available’. Since every complex game requires tactics, this is very important. Especially for WoW, because it will give you a huge advantage over others. Things like this can bring you or very far from victory, and it’s up to you how you turn everything to your advantage. Remember that the META mostly changes during the update. According to the LF carry, the recent Patch 9.1 has pretty much shaken up the in-game realms, with its abundance of new content, both long-awaited and highly controversial. So you always have to learn about new patches. In that case, it is best to become a member of the community in advance in order to be informed about important events like this. That way you will always be instructed.

6. Enjoy

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If you are constantly putting pressure on yourself and you do not agree to anything less than perfect, you must stop doing that. It is good to have high goals. However, think of this as a marathon, not a sprint. So WoW is a very interesting game and you know it yourself. It is a place that always offers something new, something worth exploring. In the end, there is always a reward waiting for you and let that be your motivation. Don’t forget to enjoy along the way, because that is the primary goal of this game. Only in this way will you really learn a lot and influence your skills even better. If you enjoy it, none of the previous tips will be difficult for you to implement.


If you really want to improve your gaming skills in WoW Shadowlands, your interest is absolutely justified. This game has always been at a high level of popularity, and with the advent of expansion, it has caused absolute confusion among gamers. The novelties have made it even more fun than it already is, and the better you get at it the more you will enjoy this adventure. We hope we have helped you improve your skills.