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Tips for Selling a MacBook: How to properly get rid of your Trusty Old Mac?

by Edvard Berlusconi

Are you in need of a new computer? Awesome! Who does not like a new piece of technology entering their life? However, what will you do with your old one? If you happen to be a MacBook fan, here are some tips for selling a MacBook the right way.

  1. Back Up Your Data

Before migrating to a new model of a Mac, it is crucial to back up all of your data. You can do this by using Time Machine, as this built in backup by Apple creates a record of everything important you have. Moving onto a new Mac is then much easier.

  1. Format and Reinstall macOS

When you successfully backed up your personal files, it is time to wipe the drive clean, and reinstall the OS for the new user who will buy it. The recovery option of Mac is there for this, and it is quite easy to use.

Img source: 9to5mac.com

Restart the Mac and hold the Command + R keys while it boots. This will grant you access to Recovery mode. Launch Disk Utility from the macOS Utilities window. Select your boot partition and click Erase. Choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as the new partition and name it “Macintosh HD” for example. Then quit Disk Utility. Lastly, select Reinstall macOS from the macOS Utilities window and follow the remaining steps.

  1. Clean It Up

Now that you cleaned the software, you must do the same with the actual body of the computer. A clean and new looking Mac will grant you a higher price from a buyer, both in person and online. Clean the machine thoroughly by wiping it with a damp cloth until both the outer shell and the inside are clean. Remove any gunk from the keys, trackpad, corners and vents. Clean the power cable and transformer and make them as shiny as possible. Again, with a damp cloth, clean the display, especially the edges. Remember not to use cleaning products, only water. Clean out the ports and the bottom, and never forget the vent between the screen and the keyboard.

Img source: gainsaver.com

  1. Sell It

Lastly, pick a place where you want to sell your machine. Check an online selling service, like cashaphone.com.au for example. There you can see what kind of a price to expect, and you can also list it for an auction. Also, ask around if you do not mind selling it in person. There are dozens of places to choose, so do some research until you find what suits you.

Congratulations, you have successfully sold your old MacBook. Now it is time to invest that money into a new machine that will serve you as well as the old one!