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Tips for Choosing a Good PCB Assembly Manufacturer in China

by Jajce d Muckic

China has become the global leader of PCB manufacturing and a leader in the market itself. With more and more PCB manufacturers emerging, it could be a hard task to find a good assembler in China.
But we’ll have you know that this article will contain all the necessary information regarding PCB assembly manufacturers in China, and how to choose the best one. So stick around and find out.

Getting a Sample

Nowadays, we have to make sure that a product works for us before we buy it. The case is the same as the PCB market. Namely, before you make your mind on a PCB manufacturer, always ask for a sample first to determine if the circuit board meets your procurement requirements. Based on that, you can determine whether the circuit board will work for you and if the assembly manufacturer suits your needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important in today’s market across any industry. There is a common saying that goes somewhere in the line of “the voice of the customer feedback will reflect the strength and service of the manufacturer.” So before you’ve decided on the desired to print out circuit boards for you, always take a look at their customer feedback and customer satisfaction, as well as, the company’s ratings.


Credibility is an important factor that any company in any industry must have. The credibility of the PCB manufacturer should be your top priority and it can reflect in many aspects such as the company’s business license, honorary certifications, customer satisfaction, etc. Furthermore, determining if the company has an overall good reputation from the production phase all the way to the company’s commitment to customers, is a big bonus.

What Areas Does it Focus?

According to RayPCB, circuit boards, especially printed, can be used in many areas of our life. PCB is used in computers on the motherboard, the ram, power supply, modems, and video cards. They are also used in printers, televisions, stereos, musical instruments amplifiers, synthesizers, in digital clocks, microwave ovens, telephones and answering machines, smartphones, and more. So making sure that the PCB manufacturer will manufacture circuit boards for your needs, and determining if the company works in your field, is a major factor.

Does it Have a Complete Service System?

One of the major advantages of a PCB manufacturer is to have a good service system. Whenever you purchase PCB, you need to get the whole package. This means everything from the product technology, precautions in product usage, warranty of the product, and more. It needs to have it all, and it is also a major factor when you look for the perfect assembly in China.

The company needs to have good communication with you, from the pre-sale phase all the way to the end phase, and they must give you a detailed product overview and introduction. Their product must have the answers the most of your questions, and the company must provide you with solutions such as package return, warranty, tech guidance, and more.