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14 Things to Know About Ukraine 2024 (Facts and Information)

by Elsa Stringer

Ukraine is an Eastern European country with over 4.2 crores of population. It is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the vacation. Many people are unaware of some facts about this country.

Before going to any place, it is necessary to collect all the information about that place. In the following write-up, we will discuss some crucial facts about Ukraine that help you know the country very well. Go through such data to determine how it will be like to stay there.

1. One of the Biggest Countries in Europe


Indeed, Ukraine is one of Europe’s largest countries, with an area of 603,628 Kms from the East of Russia to the West of Poland. It comes between the North’s Soviet State Belarus and the Black Sea in the South. The population of the country is also more than any other country on the continent. After Ukraine, France is a second-populated and large country in Europe.

2. Amazing Heritage Sites


The country has seven incredible heritage sites that are quite popular in the world. It includes Saint Sophia Cathedral, Chersonesus, etc. Every year, thousands of travelers visit the country to go to heritage sites. Ukraine is a wealthy country in terms of amazing and adorable heritage sites.

3. People Love to Drink Alcohol


According to WHO (World Health Organization), Ukraine is ranked sixth in terms of alcohol consumption. People love to drink, and a person consumes 13.9 liters per year. Belarus is on the top of the list of states that consume more alcohol in the country. Other states in the list are Russia, Moldova, and Romania.

4. Ukraine Brides


If you want to date and marry Ukraine girls, then you have to spend money on them. The ladies are respectful and beautiful. They do not involve in a sexual relationship with the man on their first date. There are different rules and regulations to come in contact with women in Ukraine for a wedding. UkrainianRealBrides are the perfect ones for a loyal lifetime relationship.

5. McDonald Lovers

People of Ukraine are in love with the food of McDonald’s. Like alcohol, they take an interest in going here for formal and informal meetings and enjoy the food along with it. This place is also one of the busiest places in the country after bars and alcohol centers. In the world, the country ranks in the third position as the busiest McDonald station.

6. Center Country of Europe

If we check the geographical location of the country, then it is the heart of Europe. If anyone wants to go to any destination on the continent, they consider this country for better navigation. People move from the state to reach another place. It is easy to measure the area of Europe only when you consider the center place of the continent.

7. Known as Breadbasket


There was a time when Ukraine was considered to be the Breadbasket of the continent. It contributes a lot to the agricultural industry, and therefore, it feeds a significant population of the Soviet Union. In the period between 1932 and 1933, more than 7.5 million people were killed. It affects the agriculture field of the country.

8. Biggest Disaster in the Nuclear Power Plant


In Ukraine, the biggest disaster in the nuclear power plant happened. The location was on the Northside of the country and is now known as the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. This accident occurred in 1986. A town named Pripyat is considered an abandoned town, and people worldwide show interest in visiting the place. The levels of radiation are quite high in this place, which can severely affect people’s health.

9. Gas Lamp was Introduced Here


The country is quite popular because the first gas lamp was invented here. There was a local pharmacist who introduced the technology in his store. Now, he is known as Gasova L’ampa, and people visit the building to remember his inventions and struggles.

10. Second Largest Military in the World

After the collaboration break with the Soviet Union, the country created the second-biggest military in the world. They have a large number of nuclear arsenals that can destroy the world in very little time. Having a strong military is the most significant achievement and one of the plus points of Ukraine.

11. Heroic Capital City


The capital city of the country, i.e., Kyiv is considered as the Hero City. The Soviet Union gave it the name after the battle of Nazis in 1941. This year, Germans entered the city and captivated over 600,000 soldiers. At that time, Hitler was leading the army, and he won the battle. But in 1965, the city was named as the Hero City.

12. Amazing Easter


On the special occasion of Easter, the people of Ukraine have big Easter eggs. They prepare ornaments with the help of wax, which is also called as Pysanka. They consume low-quality chocolates and decorate their places in different ways. Every region in the country has different ways of celebrating this occasion. The Soviet Union banished everything, but it continues by Ukrainian immigrants in North and South America.

13. Inspiring Music

The country is known to have inspiring music. People love to enjoy and listen to the music of the city. There was an old lullaby, from which an album, known as Summertime, was introduced. George Gershwin inspired by the lullaby and introduced his fantastic music.

14. Coastline for Vacations


The coastline of Ukraine, the Black Sea, is the perfect place for people who wants to spend some special time with their family and friends. There is no considerable change in the water level and makes it suitable for visitors.

The Bottom Line

If you are planning to visit Ukraine, it is necessary to know specific facts and information about the country. Go through all the information so that it becomes easy for you to explore the culture, rules, and regulations of Ukraine. You can tell these facts to surprise your family members and friends that you know many things about the city before going on for a vacation.