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Prague Romantic Holiday: 9 Tips For Couples

by Victoria Boatright

Are you fed up with beaten romantic destinations like Paris or Venice? Then, Prague could be the perfect match for you. Narrow alleys covered with cobblestone, charming architecture with red rooftops, secret gardens, boat trips by sunset – what can be a better setting for your honeymoon or a trip with your loved one? In this article, we have put together the must-visit spots and things to do for you to spend a memorable vacay in Prague.

1. Take a break in the Vysehrad Castle

Source: wikimedia.org

Vysehrad Castle that rises above the river Vltava right in the heart of Prague provides the most impressive panorama of the city. The huge area offers both options: admiring stunning architecture and relaxing by nature. Here, you can escape overcrowded places and find an isolated location for a romantic picnic in the afternoon or a stroll. In fact, it’s said to be the first residence of Czech dukes so you can become acquainted with Сhech history and explore magnificent monuments and buildings.

2. Enjoy a ride on a carriage pulled by horses

Source: praguemorning.cz

If you want to become a fairy-tale character for some time, plunge into the medieval atmosphere, and explore the city in the most romantic way, this option is right for you. On the Old Town Square, you can find carriages all year round and take a ride lasting 20 minutes or even more. The tour runs along the historical city center, so you’ll be able to admire all the spectacular sights on the way. Horseshoes knocking on the cobblestone – the most idyllic soundtrack for your love story.

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3. Attend the Charles Bridge for a sunrise

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As Charles Bridge is the most beloved landmark in Prague, it’s packed with people almost all day long. However, when the early morning sun rises over the Vltava, this is the best place to be alone with your lovey and quietly contemplate the cityscape. This Gothic bridge decorated with fabulous statues and towers connects two parts of the city, namely Old Town and Lesser Town, and provides the best views. Besides, there are several restaurants a stone’s throw away, so after watching the sunrise you can have a delicious breakfast on-site.

4. Go on a boat cruise on the Vltava river

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When the warm shine of the golden hour brightens the cityscape, or when the dusk has already embraced the city, and it’s illuminated by numerous little lights, it’s high time to take a boat trip. A glass of wine, slow music, and magnificent views from the water will accompany you on your 1-2 hour long journey. Hold the hand of your loved one and admire the most breathtaking sights of Prague.

5. Hang the lock on the lovers’ bridge

Source: tripadvisor.com

Such a trivial but touching tradition to hang the lock on bridges is common in Prague as well. There is a bridge called Love Lock Bridge or Lovers Bridge not far from John Lennon’s Wall that lures couples in love for some years. Here, you can put a lock with your names as a symbol of eternal love. In fact, there are such bridges in most touristic cities, but the idea originates from Rom and the 2006 best-selling Italian novel, I Want You. Nevertheless, such cities as Rome or Paris banned this action as locks caused damage to the architecture, and keys that were thrown in the water negatively affected marine life. So, if you want to perform such a romantic ritual, take care not to do harm.

6. Visit a theater or an opera

Source: prague.eu

Culture lovers who are eager to touch the beauty should visit Prague State Opera House, the Estates Theatre, or the National Theatre. Their showbill is full of exciting performances throughout the year, so you can absolutely choose something special for the two of you. Besides, the majestic architecture will leave lasting impressions about your date in Prague as these buildings are considered nationally significant monuments. A romantic dinner in a candlelit restaurant will be a great final for your evening. Among the best places to dine are U Modré kachničky, Terasa U Zlate studne, or Grand Cru Restaurant.

7. Go for a walk in the Petřín Park

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Petřín Gardens (Petřínské sady) is a hotspot for couples in love. Nestled on Petrin Hill, it impresses visitors with a large green area, tricky mazes, gorgeous sights, and a fascinating rosarium. On the 1st of May that is known as the day of lovers in the Chech republic, you can follow the local tradition and lay flowers to the Karel Hynek Mácha monument who is regarded as “the poet of love”. Besides, kissing your loved one in front of the statue is believed to guarantee eternal love.

8. Taste local wine in the vineyards of Viniční altán

Source: irozhlas.cz

If a pair of sweethearts is seeking a getaway from crowds, it’s surely the right choice. A dreamlike oasis in the center of Prague (Havlíčkovy Sady) will provide tranquility and a delicious experience. Here, you can taste wine and enjoy some snacks in the garden with a majestic view of the city. Curved wooden terrace with several tables on a sunny day – a unique found indeed.

9. Spend a beer spa day

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Couples can find in Prague even the most extraordinary romantic activities, namely spa with beer. As the Chech Republic is a world-renowned producer of beer, this beverage turned into a local attraction. But if you’re sick and tired of having drinks in pubs and bars, a spa with beer could be a perfect alternative. It’s a trendy activity to recharge the inner battery. Here, you can spend the whole day bathing in beer and sitting in a hop sauna. All of this is accompanied by unlimited brew – a paradise for gourmets.

As you can see, Prague boasts of unique experiences that will make your romantic trip indelible. Follow our tips and spend the most fabulous holiday with your loved one! If you want to learn more we suggest that you check this out.