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Things Motorcycle Riders Should Know

by William Gist

Riding a motorcycle is a dangerous but very effective mode of transportation. It somehow helps riders avoid slow and heavy traffic on busy roads and city streets all across the United States.

But the rising number of vehicular accidents involving motorcycles is quite alarming.

These accidents usually cause severe injury, property damage or even death that’s why motorcycle riders should always be on focus and in tiptop condition.

Here are some very useful tips to avoid any accidents while riding your motorcycles:


  • Apply for a motorcycle riding class and get trained by certified riding professionals.
  • Make sure to have a license in hand, especially a license indicating that you are allowed to ride a motorcycle because there are a lot of cases wherein drivers involved in accidents aren’t even allowed to ride a motorcycle or they don’t even have a license at all.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive! This is really a big no. If you already had some just call an Uber to make sure you get home safe.
  • Make sure you use a helmet that is approved and certified by the DOT (Department of Transportation).
  • Wear protective clothing, including goggles or shadesthat, protect the eyes from debris and sunlight, jacket, full-fingered gloves, riding pants, over the ankle boots and lastly, hearing protection.
  • Always wear bright coloured clothing and gears because it can help you become more visible in the dark when you’re riding at night.
  • Also make sure that you monitor your motorcycles and that you properly service and maintain it.• If you can avoid sharing lanes with other motorcycles or vehicles that may not notice you, that would swell too.• Ride according to your riding level. Avoid being too cocky or else your ego will get bruised.

Habits to Practice and Keep While Riding your Motorcycle


You should only squeeze your brake lever gently and slowly because that’s the most effective way of using your brakes. Just like shooting a gun, you squeeze slowly and don’t hastily pull the trigger. Only use two of your fingers so you can still have good control of your motorcycle.

Another thing is to keep your elbows bent and relaxed. You wouldn’t want to have your elbows being stiff while riding because that would make your reactions and movements really slow.

How to Gear-Up Child Passengers for a Much Safer Motorcycle Riding Experience

You should first make sure that they can reach the passenger footrest of your motorcycle and the passenger grab handles. If they can’t reach both or your motorcycle doesn’t have both then it’s better to not have a child as a passenger.

Also make sure that they have the proper gears and protection as you, like helmets that fit well, jackets, riding pants, gloves, shoes, and some earplugs.

Make sure to brief them on what they are allowed and what they are not allowed to do while riding on your motorcycle as passengers to have a much safer trip.

Riding in Groups


If you plan to ride with friends or with a group of other motorcycle riders, make sure that the most experienced rider stays in front of all of you.

Give each other some breathing room and don’t get into a crowd. Make sure you have at least 20 to 30 yards of space from each other.

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t ride for too long without stopping or taking some rest. Bring some food and a lot of water to beat the heat of the sun.

Night Riding


You really need to be more careful when you ride at night. The road will be a lot darker so keep in mind that your headlight is a lot different than having sunlight.

When you ride at night make sure you’re wearing reflective gears or bright coloured clothing so that other motorists can easily spot you on the road.

Safety Road Tips!!!

  • Obey traffic rules and traffic signs.
  • Always keep your distance with other vehicles
  • Use your mirrors! They’re not there just for aesthetic reasons.
  • Always make sure that you’re on a spot that other motorists and drivers can see you when you are behind them.
  • As much as possible, avoid or distance yourself from speed freaks and total squids. Don’t try and indulge them by racing them.
  • Always keep in mind this 6 letter word… BRAKES! In every instance, you should apply different pressure to your brake lever.
  • Avoid using your phone. If you are going to use your phone as GPS then make sure you set it up before you saddle up.
  • Don’t ignore the zebra lines, crosswalk, pedestrian crossing or whatever you may call them. Just don’t!

Riding in a group, driving defensively and riding in the daylight are some of the most important things you can do to stay safe on your bike. Of course, accidents can happen no matter how many good choices you make. In the event that you do get in a wreck, contact the lawyers at Marks & Harrison to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

I hope this helps a lot. I may have missed some things but I hope you get it. It’s not just ourselves that we put in danger whenever we ride any vehicle so please be cautious at all times.

Ride safely and ‘til next time!

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