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Many of us like to consult the stars when it comes to different aspects of our lives. Love, work, health, luck, is it all written in the sky? Our zodiac signs can tell us a lot about ourselves including who we should and shouldn’t date and, if you’re into astrology, then you might have already known that.

There are many zodiac signs matches that are horrible for each other, while others have a really good chance of spending their lives together happily. If something hasn’t been working out and you’re not able to figure it out, then you might want to look into your zodiac signs and check whether the stars are the ones keeping you apart. Here are some of the best and worst zodiac sign matches.

The best matches

Taurus and Cancer


These people easily understand each other. Miscommunication is rare as they share a very strong physical and emotional bond which allows them to truly understand what the other one is feeling. As the relationship grows, so do they. The longer they stay together, the better a couple they become. It’s hard to find a better love match than Taurus and cancer. If you’re interested in finding out whether your partner and you are a good match, visit astrologyfutureeye.com.

Leo and Sagittarius


These are both very emotional and passionate zodiac signs. They are both adventurous and ambitious meaning that they won’t limit each other’s happiness but will encourage their growth. They are a fun and interesting couple that is always the center of everyone’s attention. They share the passion, the interests, the enthusiasm, and above all, the enormous love for each other.

Libra and Gemini


Both of these signs appreciate mental stimulation above all else. They can match each other emotionally and mentally. They enjoy sharing the knowledge and they will always see their partner as their best friend.

Scorpio and Cancer

There are a lot of passion and feelings here. This is an intense and dynamic relationship as both Scorpios and Cancers are mostly driven by their emotions. Even though it might seem like this is doomed to fail, it often works very well. They don’t limit each other passion, they support it and nourish it.

The worst matches

Capricorn and Aries


This is a very unlikely couple. While Capricorns are patient, relaxed, and like to think everything through before they speak up, Aries is much more impulsive and doesn’t really know how to be patient. Also, Capricorns aren’t open with their emotions which is something that bothers Aries the most and is usually the main reason why these couples break up.

Cancer and Libra


What we all know about Libras is that they are highly indecisive. They can also be superficial which is something a Cancer, being a very emotional and loyal sign, can’t tolerate. Libras are often unsure about everything they do and they rethink every decision multiple times. They can end up questioning everything in their life, including their relationship. This is something a stable and calm Cancer can’t put up with.

Gemini and Virgo


Geminis are very active and indecisive. They’re impatient and they’re very open about their emotions. On the other hand, Virgos are very methodical, closed, don’t share their feelings, and like to think everything through many times.