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The Weirdest Forest in the World where the Trees Grow Upside Down

by Elsa Stringer

Tucked away in the Tian Shan Mountains in Kazakhstan lies Lake Kaindy. It was made after the earthquake in 1911 and is certainly among the most unusual on the planet. This earthquake caused large landslides and thus made a huge recess in the soil. Successively, rain-filled the valley and created this lake. The lake is known for its large number of tree fronds that emerge from the water, and it is the remains of trees that were sunk during the formation of the lake.


The trees that were there where the lake is now somehow managed to survive despite being submerged underwater and they look very mystically and mighty, and the turquoise color of the water makes this lake much more spectacular sight. The underwater scene is even more beautiful because the trees have not decomposed, creating a stunning underwater forest.


Unsurprisingly, this lake is visited by a very few tourists, but the reason probably lies in the fact that not far from Kaindy are the famous lakes Bolshoe Almatinskoe and Kolsai, which have more accessible access from the city. Despite its proximity to the city center and its multimillion population, there is a peaceful atmosphere around the lake, perfect for the rest and enjoyment.

Facts about Lake Kaindy and the sunken forest

Kaindy Lake is part of the Kolsai Lakes, but it is located in its area far away from the lakes Kolsai Lake 1 and Kolsai Lake 2. Kaindy is the youngest lake of Kolsai Lakes and has an amazing turquoise color of the water. Lake has a depth of 30 meters, which is nearly 100 feet. The lake is 400 meters long, and it is located at 2,000 meters high ( 6,600 feet high).


The meaning of the Kaindy, specifically the word ’Kaindy Kul’ is birch tree lake in Kazakhstan.
This is a very cold lake with a temperature of only 6C or 43F in the summer months. With the help of the cold water, trees are preserved all these years in the lake. If the water is warmer the trees will fall apart. The trees in the lake are covered with algae.


It is very hard to get to this lake so it is not a tourist destination number one in Kazakhstan. The road which leads to this magnificent lake is very difficult and you need to have a 4×4 vehicle to get there. It is a very bumpy road, but if you decide to visit this beautiful lake, on your way you will see the Saty Gorge, the Chilik Valley, and the Kaindy Gorge.

Put your window down and enjoy at the Kazakhstan scenery if you go on this journey.