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The Swiss Army Knife of PDF

by William Gist

PDF is a file format for capturing and sending documents in an electronic format. The main use of PDF files is to be attached to the internet and downloaded via the internet. The Portable Document Format was developed by Adobe in the 90s, and it can hold text and images. It’s mostly used separately as a user manual for software and hardware applications, and operating systems.

Over the years, businesses and organizations have heavily relied on PDF files as a way to offer information to the public. It’s so popular that a lot of services have emerged recently that offer tools in terms of optimization, compression, merging and conversion of the PDF format. While these are not the only ones, they remain the most popular tools to interact with this format.

In this article, we are going to explain to you how a PDF Swiss army knife looks like, what services it can offer, and how it can help you.

1. Merging of PDF Documents


This tool allows a simple action of merging two or more PDF files into a single one. It’s done relatively easy by simply dropping the files into the active field, or manually selecting them. Merging of PDF files promises 0 quality loss.

2. Compressing PDF Documents

Websites can grow so big with information that it slows them down. Compression is something that lowers the size of the file without lowering the quality. It’s something that is used everywhere in the world to save on storage space. Compressing PDF documents is done by adjusting the desired compression quality through an algorithm that gives you the perfect result. Images can be compressed easier than text on PDF files.

All of the tools, and more, that we will be mentioned in this article can be found on a service called tools.pdf24.org. Make sure to visit it for all of your PDF needs.

3. Editing PDF Documents


Editing PDF documents is something that people find it difficult to do. Since PDF documents will be locked in most cases, a simple and easy way to unlock this is with a tool called “Edit PDF”. All you have to do us this tool is simply select the PDF file that you wish to edit. Once you have that, you will be offered numerous editing tools such as the insertion of forms, text, images, and free drawing tools in the PDF.

4. Conversion to PDF

This file format is intended to be an electronics document, meaning it’s meant to be available on the internet. Businesses oftentimes are required to modify file formats so that they can be available on their websites. An easy way to do that is to use the “Convert to PDF” tool.

5. Convert From PDF


Opposite of the “Convert To” tool, this tool makes it easy for you to convert PDF files to text, HTML, Word, IMG, or other file formats.

6. Protect and Unlock PDF


In most cases, PDF files are locked so that external users cannot change or modify the content of it. An easy way to unlock PDF files is to use the “Unlock” tool. Same as before, you might need to protect your PDF with a password so that external users cannot modify the content. This can be easily done with the “Protect” tool