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The Sterling Silver Fashion Trends That Are Here To Stay

by Elsa Stringer

Silver is the most beautiful form of jewellery. The glittering metal has an ethereal charm, making it the most adorned ornament since time immemorial. From shimmery and sparkly silver anklets to oxidized silver jhumkas, it is found in nearly all jewellery items. The popularity of it has made it a part of several fashion runways across the world.

Designers constantly interpret and reinvent sterling silver in new forms and designs. It is an alloy made from 92.5% of silver and the rest copper. The latter gives it the strength to hold up. The popularity of it comes from the fact that it is the most versatile, affordable, durable and beautiful jewel. 


The reinvention of the pure silver changes as the demand for women jewellery change and vice-versa. Jewellery forms an important part of the lifestyles of both the rural and urban population of the country. 

Indian silver jewellery is considered exquisite all around the globe. The carefully crafted design, polished finishing, beautiful styling,and shine make it extremely attractive. Celebrities in India and internationally too follow silver jewellery trends. Let’s check-out some never-dying trends. 

Never-Dying Sterling Silver Trends

Elegant Collar Necklace

Also known as crewnecks, the beautiful silver collar necklace can be adorned at nearly every occasion. The chic style adds to the contemporary look. You can wear it at a college reunion, evening parties or even office parties with any off-shoulder or V-neck design. 

Their beauty is enhanced when you wear them with off-shoulders, as one can see the complete artwork of the necklace. Collar necklaces are usually 12 to 13 inches long. The silver collar necklace is a must-have piece of statement jewellery and you need to buy one now. An oxidized silver necklace with spaghetti dress and block heels is a good outfit when you are out shopping or travelling you can Read More here.

Intricate Charm Bracelets

Silver-based bracelets are in trend these days. If you are thinking to gift your loved ones a beautiful piece of jewellery, then picking a charm bracelet will be a perfect idea. The best thing? The chunky silver bracelets can be worn with flared pants or jeggings with a loose top and comfy bellies or flats. 


These bracelets are very affordable and you won’t need to break the bank to buy one. One of the alluring features of a charm bracelet is that they can be customized according to your mood and occasion. The rustic appearance of silver when oxidized gives it a vintage look. It is a piece of statement jewellery that is increasingly being picked by celebrities and youths to up their style game. 

Exquisite Choker Necklace

Who doesn’t love a necklace? Silver necklaces are special because of their versatility. You can pair up a heavy choker necklace with a beautiful off-shoulder gown, for any evening party. It is seen in office-wear trends too. You can wear a denim shirt with an attractive choker, pants, and trendy oxford shoes for a diva look. 

Or, you can pick a simple choker necklace and style it with your college look. Many chokers these days come with charms and other jewels to increase its appearance and attractiveness. Gemstone set in sterling silver is a very common trend amongst choker necklaces.

Pro tip: Choose neckline wisely while wearing a necklace. There is no point in keeping half necklace on the skin and another half on the dress. Deep necks are best for collar and choker necklace types. 

Trendy Silver Jhumkis

No trend list is complete without jhumkis. Oxidized silver jhumkas are a beautiful piece of jewellery that goes with both western and traditional outfits. The trend flows from celebrities too, who have been spotted flaunting beautiful jhumkis during their public outings. 

Especially with the increasing bohemian and indo-western trend ruling the market, you can pair these jhumkis with any outfit. Pairing desi jhumkis with ripped jeans and a tank top with jutis can help you rock any college festival.

Pro tip: You can try and keep it minimalistic to avoid looking clumsy. Choose jhumkas per occasion and your outfit, as you will find a wide range of varieties. 

Silver For Gifting

Apart from jewellery, silver is also being used in gift items. Silver bracelets and dangler earrings are popular raksha bandhan gifts. People are now gifting silver on 25th wedding anniversaries too. The strength of it represents the everlasting bond. The trend for silver bags or purses and pendant sets are also on a surge. 


Silver is the most famous and highly utilized metal in the world that has been ruling since ages. The radiance, luster, and the beauty of it are unmatchable. This is the reason why they are found in every woman’s jewellery collection. You can research about silver trends and chose an exquisite piece to enhance your beauty too.