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The new app that is taking over the world

by Jajce d Muckic

In the last few years, social media platforms have become an important part of our everyday life. Millions of people use them to share everything – from important achievements to a number of mundane things. It seems that every month there is a new app that allows us to create new content and enrich it with different features.

Instead of reading the newspaper while drinking morning coffee, young people go through their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook newsfeed. Because they offer so many diverse things, social media have consumed our day-to-day lifestyle.

There is the new kid on the block and it’s called TikTok. It is an app that allows its users to create and share short videos. It was created in China, and slowly it is becoming the number one short video platform in all parts of the world. As with any other social media platform, you have to create a profile if you want to follow other accounts or share your own clips. If you want to, you can set your profile as “private”. It will still be visible to the app, but other users will not be able to access it until you allow them to.

Img source: wikipedia.com

When it comes to recording a video, there is nothing you can’t do. The length of the clip can be anywhere between 3 and 60 seconds. You can use it to send messages, create an interesting announcement or simply communicate with other users. By using a TikTok Song Video you can create a clip and add your favorite song in the background. The app offers you a large database of tunes from all music genres.

Furthermore, you can add additional components to the video – you can speed it up or slow it down, or add any filter you like. TikTok encourages its users to correspond with each other by using “response” or “duet” videos. The latter one allows you to add your clip to some other. The app also allows you to make “react” videos, which means that it will place your clip on top of another.

Another feature that is available is the TikTok Song Download. You can download any video or song from their collection by using TikTok Downloader. Simply copy the link of a chosen recording to the website and get it for free, or you can opt only for a tune from a certain clip.

Img source: techcrunch.com

What makes this app different than all the others is the unique algorithm it uses. When you open the app, your friends feed will not be the first thing that pops up. Instead you will be presented with recordings of other people, usually people you don’t know. TikTok collects data, and based on it, shows you the videos you will probably enjoy. This way you will never run out of interesting clips to watch. In addition, it also offers you the opportunity to present your content to different audiences by following trends and hashtags.

To conclude, it’s as if the creators of TikTok have learned from the mistakes of others and managed to create an app that interminable source of entertainment.