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The Most Expensive Baby Bottle: Pure Gold and Diamonds for $ 166,000

by Tracy Finke

Suommo’s luxury baby bottle made of 18-carat gold and diamonds and a pacifier attached to it cost less than a quarter of a million dollars. This is the most expensive baby bottle in the world.

The bottles come in five different sizes. According to the babybottles.com, the smallest is 25 milliliters and costs $ 83,000, and you will need $ 166,000 for a 200-milliliter bottle. And those who want to smear their little ones further can engrave a personal message on it, such as baby name.

Image source: charmposh.com

The pacifier that costs $ 83,000 is embellished with precious diamonds and comes complete with a chain for mom, a smaller baby chain, and a brooch accessory.

The bottles, from the luxury brand “Suommo”, which also designs cribs and cradles, are inspired by Russian dolls and made by the most expensive jewelers in the company.

Image source: cas.sk

“Glamorous pink glow gives them a gentle look that captures the hearts of parents from the first moment they see them. Our creations are real works of art, and they are timeless thanks to an exclusive and elegant sense of beauty”, it’s said from the company.

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As crazy as it sounds, there are always parents who are willing to give that much money. For us normal people who are firmly standing on our feet, well, these things are far out of our reach. Still, this doesn’t mean that we can’t and that we shouldn’t buy a quality baby bottle for our kids, and as suggested by mommiesbuy.com here are some of the best you can get.