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The Most Common Computer Repair Problems

by Jajce d Muckic

A lot of issues can occur on your computer that will require you to take your machine to the repair shop for further analysis. While some of the problems can be taken care of by your company’s IT support team, if no such access to resources is available, you will need to take it someplace for repairs.
Luckily for you, not all issues are that bad and not all issues require the attention of experts. So below, we will tell you about the most common computer repair problems.

1. The Computer Won’t Start


If a computer suddenly shuts down and won’t start, or if the computer won’t start when you wake up in the morning, the problem could be due to a number of reasons. The most common one is closely related to your power supply, so naturally, you would want to check if the computer is plugged into the power point properly. If the computer won’t start despite trying this, have the power supply tested on another computer to see if the problem lies with it, or if there isn’t adequate power going through your computer.

2. Black Screen


Yet another highly common problem involving computers is the black screen. This problem is mostly due to an issue involving the connection between the computer’s video card and the screen monitor. To solve this problem, make sure that the HDMI or VGA cable connecting the computer and screen monitor is properly connected. Another thing to check is if the cable connecting the screen monitor and power source is properly plugged in. However, if this problem occurs on a laptop, then you might need to take the laptop to an expert. If you’re looking for computer repair experts that will run full diagnostics on any type of problem, click here.

3. Operating System Running Abnormally


In a lot of cases, the operating system or any other software can be unresponsive to our commands. The first thing we need to do if a problem such as this occurs is to restart the computer itself. When you’ve done that, make sure to run a virus scan to see if your computer has caught any malware while on the internet. While this will not always solve the problem, having reliable anti-virus software can help you greatly in preventing your computer from catching malware.

4. Windows Won’t Boot


If your Windows operating system won’t boot, then the best course of action would be to immediately uninstall the operating system from a recovery disk.  If you want to save your data before doing that you should check www.microcenter.com for more information.

5. Screen Freeze

This one can be a real pain to deal with. Namely, a computer can freeze mid working and it can be caused by multiple reasons. The most common, and thankfully the least dangerous reasons, as to why your computer froze is the sign of insufficient RAM. This can be easily fixed by going and buying another stick of RAM. In today’s time, anything below 8GB of RAM is considered not enough to run proper programs such as multiple tabs of Google Chrome. Other, more dangerous, reasons as to why your computer froze would be malware, registry conflicts, corrupt Windows files, missing Windows files, etc. Any of these reasons could mean losing any unsaved work or total file deletion due to the spyware or malware.