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The Hottest Watch Trends Of 2024

by William Gist

Watches have become an important part of many people’s lives. Not only do we rely on them to tell us the time, but they can be stylish, interesting, and really make our outfits pop. Furthermore, there is more to watches than just time. Now, we can also see the date, our pulse, the number of steps we’ve taken that day, how we slept, and our blood pressure – before you move on if you want to pick a blood pressure watch, visit here to learn more.

We really took them several steps further. They are incredibly practical as they sit on our wrist for the entire day while not affecting anything we do throughout the day. We can ever shower with them, if they’re waterproof, and sleep with them if they’re comfortable enough.

There are so many options, metal and leather bands, waterproof or not, smartwatches or traditional ones, the choice is yours. The watch industry is huge and since the introduction of touchscreens and new developments in technology, we can rely on our watches to do more for us than ever. Here are some of the biggest watch trends for 2024 so far.



It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the list starts with these. They are huge right now and judging by the 51 percent increase in sales of smartwatches, they are here to stay. Experts from Daamify tell us that they are probably the future of watches. 16 percent of adults in the US own a smartwatch. The leaders on this market are definitely Apple, Samsung, Mi Band, and Fitbit.

They are like smartphones on our wrists. You can access numerous different apps over your smartwatch instead of taking your phone out of your pocket. If you’re in a meeting, it’s convenient to just glimpse on your wrist when it vibrates in order to see if it’s something important of someone just like your picture on Instagram. You can always set up your watch so it only notifies you for certain things like emails or Slack messages.

Traditional is still in

Even though smartwatches are becoming the crowd’s favorite, traditional, leather-band watches are still very much in. A good suit calls for a good watch. And probably an expensive one at that. On https://www.watchshopping.com you can find some good examples of what we’re talking about here. Many brands are remaking and reintroducing their older models and it seems that people love it.


While Breitling produced a replicant of its 1959 landmark model, TAG Heuer created an entirely new line around its famous Autavia model of the Sixties. Retro is cool now. Vintage stuff is making huge comebacks every year in the fashion industry and the watch industry is not any different. People get nostalgic and tend to go back to familiar things. Many big brands are using that to their advantage.



Smaller three-handed watches, no numbers on them, just lines, no date, and a simple leather band. That is the recipe for a beautiful yet simple design that people can’t get enough of. There are, however, certain details on it that really make it look luxurious and elegant.

Green, blue and rose gold


These are the colors that have marked 2024 in the watch industry. Green and blue can be seen on numerous watches from many different brands, while rose gold is the new hot color for women. All of these colors offer some kind of elegance and beauty that you can’t be mesmerized by.