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5 Design Trends for PowerPoint In 2024

by Edvard Berlusconi

2024 has so far shown that people are not afraid to break old traditions and stereotypes in order to come up with something new, exciting, and innovative, in the world of PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint, for those who don’t know, is part of Microsoft Office and it is a software used to make presentations for the past two decades.

However, in those two decades, and especially in later years, we’ve seen visually rich features that change the face of PowerPoint entirely. It’s safe to say that the latest versions of the software have changed the presentation game a lot.

So with all that said, let’s get into the 5 design trends for PowerPoint in 2024.


1.   Typography, Go Big and Go Bold

Typography is the art of mixing fonts, and 2024 is huge for big and bold fonts in the presentation game. Larger than life fonts remain hot with PowerPoint presentation makers. Through the use of unconventional font sizes, arrangements, texts, formatting, etc, presenters can safely get their message across in some of the most creative ways possible.

The biggest design trend is to choose a font that is not only bigger, but it’s also readable and creative.

2.   Dual Color


One of the more frequent uses of color we’ve seen lately is the fact that presenters accord an aesthetic appeal to their presentations by using two colors, rather than the conventional black and white.

Design tactics change every single year, but 2024 has been very fortunate to fanatics who like to mix things up with futuristic colors and designs. But the reason as to why dual coloring works is the fact that it breaks off from the boringness and brings life to your presentation.

3.   Minimalistic is Still Good

Apart from being the classiest and timeless presentation design, minimalism is still rocking in 2024, according to PSlides. Minimalism focuses on what the reader wants to see, rather than what he needs to see. Instead of filling your slides with unnecessary texts and colors, why not try and give your whole presentation a more minimalistic and simplistic look? While we mentioned that dual coloring is still in, that cannot be applied to every type of presentation. On the other hand, minimalism works perfect with any type and makes it modern and sophisticated.

4.   3D is Better Than 2D


While not everyone was behind the 3D trend, it seems that people start favoring it more and more lately. Just as we thought 2024 couldn’t get any more futuristic and bold, here comes 3D fonts to add even more on top of it. The use of depth in presentations is certainly enhanced with the use of 3D design elements and fonts that give out that oomph factor. So one of the best ways to make your presentation stand out from the rest of the crowd is through 3D designs.

5.   Fluid Shapes

Shapes are what make PowerPoint great, and 2024 is all about adding fluidity to your design shapes. The best way to utilize this design trend is to deviate from geometric shapes and starting morphing them asymmetrically. This not only makes your presentation stand out but is also adds creativity and courage to try something new and interesting.