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Suunto Smartwatches: Top Features You Should Know About!

by Tracy Finke

We must admit that accessories, like watches, are now important in any fashion wear. That fact made choosing the perfect watch to buy more challenging, especially since the watch industry has multiple competitive brands.

If you’re in the market for a smartwatch, it can be so overwhelming because of the various models and specs available. You have to consider how a watch is made, and if the overall design will fit your personality. So which smartwatch brand is the right one for you?

Maybe you want to consider Suunto. This all-in-one watch brand offers superb designs and features that will take your smartwatch experience to the next level. This company manufactures the most durable and versatile watches in the market. You can find out more about Suunto by visiting WatchShopping.com or reading the article below.

Get To What Are the Suunto Watches Made Of

Fiberglass Casing With Reinforced Polyamide and Polycarbonate

Source: techguide.com.au

These watches are the most durable and dependable smartwatches in the industry. They are well-known for incorporating casings made from fiberglass with reinforced polyamide and polycarbonate with incredible strength and resistance. Suunto timepieces are reliable to resist tear, corrosion, scratch, and water with the help of glass fiber material.

Stainless Steel and Titanium Bezel

To match the beauty and durability of the fiberglass casing, they decided to equip its smartwatches with bezels made from stainless steel and titanium. Stainless steel material is robust and well-known corrosion-resistant, while titanium is more attractive and offers reliable strength to hold the dial.

Sapphire Crystal and Gorilla Glass Cover

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One of the reasons why Suunto timepieces are relatively expensive is that each of its watch models is equipped with the most durable glass covers in the world. Some smartwatches are protected by a sapphire crystal renowned for resisting scratch, while others come with gorilla glass covers offering scratch and damage resistance.

Silicone and Elastomer Straps

Another reason you should have a smartwatch is that it is equipped with durable and stunning straps. Silicone and elastomer are promising materials for watch bands, as they can be crafted into diverse colors and designs. Plus, they offer high and low-temperature resistance. Silicone and elastomer straps make this smartwatch very comfortable to wear.

Every Suunto Watch has Satisfying and Useful Functionalities

Exceptional Battery Life

Suunto watch models are powered by exceptional batteries that can last for 120 hours. Plus, they are equipped with intelligent battery modes for more versatile and user-based settings. In addition, some of these smartwatches also come with either replaceable or rechargeable batteries.

Sport Modes

These smartwatches are the most recommended timepieces for watch enthusiasts who desire outdoor activities. This watch model is featured with sports mode functions for swimming, cycling, and running. They can keep themselves healthy and active with style.

GPS and Navigation Feature

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If you are a fan of hiking or cycling, then this timepiece is the best for you. It equips GPS tracking with various navigation features. Plus, it comes with a compass and outdoor offline maps by terrains, topography, and satellite. In addition, Suunto smartwatches are very helpful for tracking your route or location with ETA.

Altimeter and Barometer

Who would not want a timepiece with an altitude tracker and weather functions? Suunto watches are the best smartwatches that offer precise and reliable altimeters and barometers. Well, of course, it is beneficial to know the weather before going on your outdoor activities. Plus, these timepieces are recommended for hiking and mountain climbing.

Adaptive Training Guidance

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Adaptive training guidance on this smartwatches is a valuable feature to help users boost, improve, or maintain their fitness. It also comes with three training programs packed with various functionalities. Plus, it automatically generates a 7-day training plan with more advanced capability.

Daily Activity Tracking

This smartwatches incorporate an operating system that features daily activity tracking. This functionality offers a step counter, calories burned indicator, wrist heart rate monitor, sleep quality tracker, and stress and recovery status checker. As a result, a this timepiece is perfect for watch lovers who value their health and body status.

Mobile Connectivity

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Mobile connectivity is one of the main reasons why you want a smartwatch. Suunto offers a more versatile mobile connection feature with updatable software, phone notifications, vibration alarms, and even an operating system compatible with the Suunto app and online sports communities.

Multilingual Menu

Since its fame, this brand has become a well-known international watch brand. And being a company that values its customers worldwide, Suunto equipped its smartwatches with a multilingual menu compatible with English, French, German, Spanish, and more.

Water Resistance

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Lastly, this watche are renowned for being diving computers. Well, you cannot use an excellent smartwatch with explicable software without reliable resistance. Each watch model is designed to resist 30 to 100 meters of water with a compact casing and dependable glass covers.

Choose Suunto Watches Today!

Most popular watches are made of stainless steel. And are encrusted with crystals for them to glimmer during a late-night part. Nowadays, watches are depicted as accessories that are usually just for formal events, fashion shows, and professional matters. But this watch brand took a different route.

The Suunto watchmakers desired to cater to adventurers and sports enthusiasts. Since they also have a population. Many people worldwide are always up for thrilling adventures since life is short after all. All the essential technologies one adventurer needs, Suunto provides. Mountain hikers and campers can explore places without getting lost. Sports fans can also enjoy sporting events with style thanks to these watches.


The things mentioned above are just some many highlighted features of a Suunto watch. Having an excellent, satisfying, and useful smartwatch is a dream for many, especially adventurous thrill seekers, athletes, and sports enthusiasts. Well, it is not a dream anymore as this brand gives you the best quality watches.