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The Best Up and Coming UK Cities That Everyone Needs to Visit

by William Gist

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to live or you want to visit for the day, tons of beautiful cities around the UK are underrated. While the UK is often famous for London and it’s the eccentric and vibrant city centre, there are places around Britain that you may have never thought about visiting before.

These up and coming locations are ideal for anyone wanting to take some time out of the capital and explore the hidden depths of other towns, villages, and cities that the UK has to offer. You may be surprised by the sheer number of things to do when you arrive, and all the fun you have while there. For those of you who want to know these cities for investment or home-buying purposes, then keep a lookout for the areas which are still on the rise in terms of property.


The bustling city life of Liverpool is not one to be missed. Since the recent regeneration of both the city centre and surrounding sectors, tourist and visitor areas have never been busier. Property developments and constructions are dominating the city, creating a skyscraper skyline to be admired by all.


People from all over the world are choosing to invest in properties due to how up and coming Liverpool is. RW Invest is a property company contributing to the newfound investment within the city. Their developments are modern and minimalist, which are popular with young professionals too. Liverpool boasts more than just football.


There is the Baltic Triangle, Aintree racecourse and even beaches to visit. Plus, there are dozens of unique and fancy restaurants right on your doorstep when you’re there.


While other cities in Scotland bask in the limelight of tourist and visitor paradise, Dundee has been working incredibly hard to become the best. Despite being overlooked, Dundee has recently undergone a £1 billion waterfront regeneration.


The investment area has seen an influx of new apartments along with bars and bistro restaurants, a popular choice with locals and tourists alike.


Additionally, universities in Dundee have been on the league table rise, meaning that more young designers and artists are flocking to the city. As Dundee’s waterfront continues to thrive and grow, more people are choosing to give it a try.


Heading to the south of the country, Portsmouth is a port city with lots of maritime heritage and historic dockyard to visit. The summertime in Portsmouth is often a lot warmer than the Northern cities, and there is a huge demand for outdoor activities and festivals when the sun is shining.


Student life is also buzzing with culture and nightlife across the city, which means the economy in this port town is beyond thriving. It is world-class for museums, shopping destinations and has great places to eat, what more could you want? It’s ideally located and one of the best UK cities for a short break by the sea.


The classic commuter haven, Reading, has more to offer than just a regular and short train journey to London’s city centre. To start, Reading has beautiful countryside that London lacks, and education is currently having a huge impact on the area too. Since more young people and university students are spending their time in Reading, it is quickly becoming a large technological hub outside of London.


It’s ideal for anyone wanting the city life, without the London prices, as it still has a unique edge that is missed in the hustle and bustle of London life. The average house prices are almost half of the cost compared to London! Plus, any tourists visiting the city will still get to see the Thames as the river runs right through the middle.



Another northern town with a diverse economy boasting one of the UK’s leading employment centres, Leeds is a perfect location to settle down or visit for a few days. It is leading in the cultural, financial, and commercial sectors and serves four leading universities. Long gone are the days of the industrial revolution, but Leeds still thrives through its rich history and lives to tell the story.